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Pacquiao vs Bradley 3: Teddy Atlas adds drama, intrigue and curiosity

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Heading into his third meeting with Tim Bradley, Manny Pacquiao, in the eyes of most, won their first two bouts.

As a result, few are taking into account Tim's reputation as an elite fighter and the entertainment value of their previous bouts. Instead, most insist the result of Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 is not in doubt.

But some of the hardcore junkies are intrigued by Pacquiao vs Bradley 3, thanks to tim's new hire.

Pacquiao vs Bradley 3
Date: Saturday, April 9, 2016
Location: Las Vegas
Broadcast: HBO PPV

Division: Welterweight
Title: None
Rounds: 12

Teddy Atlas' recent return to training and the Bradley/Atlas relationship many in the boxing community talking.

How much has Brads improved? What can we expect from Tim on April 9?

His first bout with Atlas in his corner was last November against Brandon Rios and it ended in the most unlikely result.... A TKO for Brads.

Has Atlas transformed Tim into a power-punching tank with the defensive prowess of Floyd Mayweather?

And what will Atlas, a true motivator who is full of tricks and fight-day antics, say and do during the fight to spur his warrior?

Watch him in-between rounds, He's bound to draw the ear of viewers with his clever anecdotes and analogies. While some call it a sideshow act, they can't deny the enigmatic Atlas is entertaining and fun to watch.

Will he dance and sing in front of Bradley in order to emphasize an observation? Inquiring minds want to know.

A disciple of the great Cus D'Amato, Atlas trained Mike Tyson (as an amateur) and Michael Moorer, the first southpaw World Heavyweight Champion. He's also mentored the likes of Shannon Briggs, Simon Brown, Joey Gamache, Donny Lalonde, Barry McGuigan and Alexander Povetkin.

His in-your-face style and tough love approach has gotten results but also rubbed several of his fighters the wrong way. To say Atlas has a strong personality would be a colossal understatement.

I often worried about his health when he trained the sometimes-volatile Michael Moorer, fearing the fighter would one day snap and unleash a wicked beat down on Teddy during camp.

If anyone can 'get under a fighter's skin,' it's Atlas. His no nonsense approach and brand of training and communicating is certainly not for everyone.

... But the Bradley /Atlas relationship seems to be a match made in Heaven.

“I’m getting hit less in practice. I’m not leaving the ring with black eyes in sparring sessions," Tim recently told Daily News.

“Everything is tight,” Bradley said.

“Now we’re becoming more cerebral, now we’re becoming more of a thinking fighter than just going in there and fighting,” Bradley said. “I used to come in here and spar and I used to just fight, ‘Oh, I gotta beat the sparring partners down today.’ Where’s the strategy at? Where’s the professionalism at?”

“He says, ‘I’m here for Tim, and Tim only. That’s the only thing on my conscience, is Tim,’” Bradley said.

“I could tell you this much, if Teddy was to say, ‘You know what, Tim, this is it. I had enough. I can’t do this,’ I’m going to walk away,” Bradley said. “I won’t fight again.”

Tim Bradley and Teddy Atlas... The perfect combination may be the right tonic to help lift Brads over PacMan.


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