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Pacquiao vs Bradley 3: Stats, facts and highlight video

Lee Cleveland Updated
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He's still among the very best in boxing.

Manny Pacquiao, 37, outboxed a motivated and determined Tim Bradley last night in Las Vegas, cruising to a unanimous decision.

Official Scores: 116-110 x3
HBO Boxing: 116-110
Knockdowns: 2 by Pacquiao

"As of now, I am retired," Pacquiao said, per Yahoo Sports' Kevin Iole. "I'm going to go home and think about it. I want to be with my family. I want to serve the people."

In some ways Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 was a little disappointing as many of us were expecting something different from Tim. And his activity rate certainly was different but not in a good way, and he didn't perform any better this time, their third meet. And Manny, despite looking very sharp, wasn't a 'ball of fire' himself.

The naysayers who complained about the match-up after it was finalized are now saying, "I told ya so

It wasn't a dreadful affair but it also Hagler vs Hearns or Ward vs Gatti, and the outcome, in hindsight, was fairly obvious.... Pacquiao by decision.

And perhaps Bradley's previous trainer was correct in his assertion that PacMan owns Tim?

Brads didn't fight poorly, he simply didn't do enough. He was content to wait and counter instead of take the lead and make something happen. Moreover, there seemed to be no Plan B as Tim seemingly never shifted gears or adopted a new approach.

Tim threw an anemic 302 punches last night. How bad was it? He unleashed 839 and 609 in their first and second bouts, respectively.

Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 stats

Total Punches: 439-302
Total Landed: 122-99
Pct Landed:  28-33

Jabs: 228-84
Jabs landed: 30-12
Jab Pct: 13%-%14

Power shots: 201-218
Power shots landed: 92-87
Power shots pct: 46%-40%

Avg Punches Landed per Round
Last night: Pacquiao 10 of 37, Bradley 8 of 25
First fight: Pacquiao 21 of 63, Bradley 13 of 70
Second fight: Pacquiao 17 of 47, Bradley 12 of 52

"He would attack me in spots. But he was waiting on me. He was being the ocean tonight," Bradley said, per Bleacher Report's Jonathan Snowden. "I did everything I could to get him to come to me. But he was just super smart tonight. ... He's the best fighter I've ever faced in the ring."

Bradley's stock certainly didn't surge after last night but it didn't drop much, if any, either. In fact, look to see him in some major fights going forward. Possible opponents are Amir Khan, Juan Manuel Marquez, Kell Brook and Jessie Vargas just to name a few.

Manny Pacquiao will be missed but PacMan fans should not dismiss a comeback... Don't be surprised to see him fight once or twice more in 2017 or even 2018.

Highlight video below


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