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Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 Prediction: Marquez's Trainer Chimes In

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Ignacio "Nacho" Beristain, trainer of fight legend Juan Manuel Marquez, has offered his prediction for Pacquiao vs Bradley 3.

Without picking the type of win, Nacho insisted Bradley hasn’t changed [since their 2014 bout] and will be unable to defeat Pacquiao in their April 9th clash, their third in four years.

"... I don't think Bradley will have a greater opportunity [to win], because Bradley is the same [fighter] – with that stinking, fast and difficult style,” Beristain recently told ESPN Desportes.

Beristain knows both combatants well as his prized pupil, Marquez, has faced Pacquiao four times and Tim Bradley once.

Teddy Atlas
So, what does the hall of fame trainer think about Bradley replacing his previous, longtime trainer, Joel Diaz, with Teddy Atlas?

“I do not think Teddy Atlas will create a change of such magnitude that Pacquiao is going to [retire] with a loss,” Beristain uttered.

Beristain also believes Manny's selection of Bradley for the latter's 'swan song' was a superb choice.

"He [Pacquiao] is not going to walk away [from boxing] with a loss, so he chose Bradley. And Bradley is a good fighter but we all know who will win unless Bradley becomes a different fighter than what he has shown throughout his career,” the trainer uttered.

Is Bradley going to be the same fighter Manny defeated in 2014?

Perhaps the bigger question is: Is Pacquiao, following an 11 month hiatus and extensive shoulder surgery, going to be the same fighter he was two years ago?

... And is the desire still there? Can the great Pacquiao summon enough determination and raw focus to, again, defeat one of the best fighters today?

Tim Bradley, fresh off a stoppage of the tough-as-nails Brandon Rios, is considered by many as the No. 2 active welterweight in the world, behind Pacquiao.


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