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Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 Prediction: Floyd Sr makes stunning decry

Lee Cleveland Updated
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So what does Floyd Mayweather, Sr think about the upcoming welterweight bout between Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley?

Floyd Sr didn't offer a direct prediction per se, but his comments give us insight into how he's learning as it relates to Pacquiao vs Bradley 3.

(image courtesy of TMZ)

"Overall I think that if Bradley does what he did the other day versus (Brandon Rios) - if Bradley fights that way right there, Pacquiao doesn't have a chance," the elder Mayweather told the outstanding Ryan Burton of BoxingScene.com.

"That is what my son did. He hit him when he wanted to and then went and moved."

"Moved and hit him. That is it and Bradley can do the same thing,"

Manny wouldn't have a chance?

Tim is a great fighter but there are some glaring differences between him and Floyd.

Bradley, unlike Floyd Mayweather, Jr.,will stand and fight a little longer. Hence, Brads isn't 'on his bicycle' as much as Floyd so he's easier to hit. Moreover, Tim is a few inches shorter than Floyd with a shorter reach so he doesn't have the luxury of fighter with long arms. And unlike Floyd, Tim is a southpaw like Manny.

To the casual fan, Tim is more exciting than Floyd.

Also, Teddy Atlas' recent return to training and the Bradley/Atlas relationship have many in the boxing community talking.

How special is November's Bradley? And what can we expect from Tim on April 9?

Has Atlas transformed Tim into a power-punching tank with the defensive prowess of Floyd Mayweather?


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