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Pacquiao vs Bradley 3: Will Manny be on a Crusade?

Lee Cleveland Updated
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A firestorm of backlash erupted after fight legend Manny Pacquiao's comments about gays earlier this week.

PacMan offered what seemed to be a heartfelt apology but the damage was done.

Usually a gentleman, Pacquiao probably didn't intend to offend. Nevertheless, his comments were extremely hurtful to members of the LGBT community and, perhaps, most of their heterosexual family and friends?

What many in boxing aren't addressing is the public's condemnation of Manny and his interpretation of The Bible, and how it might impact him heading into his April 9th showdown with Tim Bradley, Pac-Man's presumed final fight.

He's lost fans and sponsorships. Even his longtime promotional company is distancing itself from him.

What's going to happen when or if booes for Pacquiao drown out the cheers on April 9? 

And does Manny feel, more than ever, that he's on crusade for God? 
Although there's no title at stake for Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 perhaps, for Manny, there's something bigger?

Come April 9, will Manny be fighting to defend his interpretation of The Bible which is under brutal attack?

Faith is very powerful so don't be surprised if we see a different PacMan this spring. Don't be surprised if he walks into the ring with that 'eye of the tiger.'

Although its been awhile, we've seen Manny fight with a killer instinct and he's well capable of carrying a 'chip on his shoulder' in the ring.

One must wonder what his mindset is like right now and how or if all of the backlash is impacting his training and preparation.


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