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Although doesn’t encourage gambling of any kind, not even “scratch n’ win” lottery cards, we would be remiss if we didn’t offer fight fans the opportunity to look at tonight’s odds on the big “Pacquiao vs. Bradley” rematch in Vegas. Hypothetically, if a fight fan wanted to bet on tonight’s main event from the MGM Grand Garden Arena, you would look at the line for the straight up outcome.

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Which is, as of 3PM EST, “Pacquiao: - 240, Bradley: +200”.

Because Manny Pacquiao was listed as (-220) yesterday evening, and is now up to (-240) this afternoon. The number will fluctuate depending on how the action is moving and trending.

Right now if someone bet on Manny Pacquiao to win at the current odds, one would have to risk $220 to win $100.

If a player wanted to bet on tonight’s betting underdog, a $100 bet on Tim Bradley would pay out $200...a $10 bet would pay out $20...and so on.

Because a draw is currently running at +1500, gamblers could win $1,500 by risking $100 if the fight’s outcome is indeed a draw.

If someone wanted to bet on the result ending in a KO, TKO, or DQ victory, the odds are currently Pacquiao: + 300, and Bradley: + 360.

For bigger payouts, one would make a specific round bet, in which you would have to guess the winner and the round.

Odds for rounds betting are:
  • 01 Round Bradley Wins+7000 01 Round Pacquiao Wins+3500
  • 02 Round Bradley Wins+7000 02 Round Pacquiao Wins+3500
  • 03 Round Bradley Wins+6500 03 Round Pacquiao Wins+3500
  • 04 Round Bradley Wins+6500 04 Round Pacquiao Wins+3500
  • 05 Round Bradley Wins+6000 05 Round Pacquiao Wins+3500
  • 06 Round Bradley Wins+6000 06 Round Pacquiao Wins+3500
  • 07 Round Bradley Wins+5000 07 Round Pacquiao Wins+3200
  • 08 Round Bradley Wins+5000 08 Round Pacquiao Wins+3200
  • 09 Round Bradley Wins+5000 09 Round Pacquiao Wins+2800
  • 10 Round Bradley Wins+5000 10 Round Pacquiao Wins+2800
  • 11 Round Bradley Wins+5000 11 Round Pacquiao Wins+2800
  • 12 Round Bradley Wins+6000 12 Round Pacquiao Wins+3000

Once again, does not encourage gambling of any kind…this editorial is merely for entertainment and information.


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