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Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2: I wanna be like Mike…Tyson

Joseph Herron Updated
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During the first meeting between Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley in 2012, the undefeated fighter from Palm Springs broke one foot and twisted the other midway through the scheduled twelve round contest. After the fight, it was revealed by Tim’s own admission that he didn’t wear socks during the entire fight. Bradley’s head trainer, Joel Diaz, was understandably taken by surprise.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t even know he wasn’t wearing any socks during the first fight with Pacquiao,” confesses the dedicated fight coach.

“Tim read a book on Mike Tyson and it revealed that Mike didn’t wear any socks during his fights. So Tim, being the big fan of Mike Tyson that he is, wanted to replicate that style. He used to train in the gym with no socks and I never noticed.”

“And on the day of the biggest fight of his career, he decided not to wear socks…he wanted to be like Mike Tyson and he ended up suffering the consequences.”

According to both Tim and his trainer, Bradley’s lack of athletic foot support was the primary cause of his injuries in the ring.

But was the catalyst of Tim Bradley’s foot problems indeed the “sock” theory, or was it because of Pacquiao’s sporadic and unpredictable offensive attack?

Last week, it was reported that Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach delivered a box of socks to the current WBO Welterweight Champion while he was conducting his own media workout for the always inquisitive boxing press.

A sock-less Mike Tyson knocks out Michael Spinks


Attached to the special delivery was a note with Freddie’s thoughts regarding Tim and Joel’s controversial “sock” theory.

"Dear Tim, welcome to Los Angeles and Fortune Gym. I hope you have a very enjoyable media workout. I have been reading your recent interviews with great interest, especially your explanation on how your feet were injured during your first fight with Manny Pacquiao.”

"Is it really your…position that these injuries occurred because you did not wear socks? 

"Though many members of the media think this excuse sounds like a hose job, I, for one, do believe you."


"To me, you are boxing's number one sox symbol."

"Please think of me not as your arch-nemesis but as your sole supporter. I hope the enclosed gift helps with the heeling process."

Obviously the “punny” message was meant to be humorous, but many a truth is indeed said in jest.

Both fighters have admitted that the foot injuries had a profound effect on their respective performances in 2012. Bradley claims that he couldn’t use the entire ring or set himself to punch with more authority, and Pacquiao stated that he reduced his punch output because he felt sorry for the ostensibly injured fighter.

Will the added footwear affect the outcome of the rematch on April 12th, or is too much being made about the supposed "sock" theory?


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