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Pacquiao - Algieri results and stats: PacMan earns dominant UD victory

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If Chris Algieri's plan was to merely go the distance with a future Hall of Fame fighter, then he successfully accomplished his mission.

The only eight division world champion the sport has ever seen, Manny Pacquiao, effectively retained his WBO Welterweight title, and dominated the seven to one underdog for twelve one-sided rounds, flooring the Huntington, New York, native six times in the process.

The predictable judges' scorecards read 119-103, 119-103, and 120-102...all in favor of the soon to be 36 year old Pacman.

According to CompuBox statistics, Manny landed 229 out of 669 shots thrown, at a healthy 34% connect rate, while Chris Algieri landed an anemic 108 punches of 469 thrown, with a 29% connect percentage. The Pacman also landed 187 of 410 power shots at a 46% connect ratio, and Algeri landed 80 of 212 power punches at 38%.

To begin the fight, the challenger from New York, fought tentatively and used the entire ring while picking and choosing his shots with extreme caution. Algieri was using his feet to maintain his distance and circle to his left, moving away from Pacquiao's power hand.

Chris was admittedly attempting to allow his eyes to get adjusted to the speed, movement, timing, and rhythm of the Pacman, while trying to land the occasional punch to keep Manny off balance.

Unfortunately after getting knocked down in the closing moments of the second, Algieri ostensibly stayed in his tentative shell for the great majority of the twelve round contest. Each subsequent round appeared to be a carbon copy of the previous stanza, with Manny aggressively pursuing the extremely defensive but agile opponent.

But after several uneventful rounds, the drama heightened in the sixth.

Pacquiao caught Algieri with a hard, straight left hand bomb that badly hurt the hesitant challenger at the 1:12 mark of the stanza. Although the 30 year old New Yorker beat the referee's count, the Filipino icon was immediately on top of him, and knocked him down once again at the 42 second mark of the same round.

Even though the well conditioned challenger made it out of the sixth, Algieri found himself midway through the bout with a seemingly huge deficit on the judges' scorecards, having presumably lost every round and getting floored three times with virtually no offensive response.

For the next two rounds, Algieri made the contest resemble a bad sparring session, fighting defensively with a reluctance to engage the hard punching Filipino. Although Pacquiao patiently continued to stalk his prey, it became obvious that Algieri was merely trying not to get knocked out.

But as soon as Chris decided that it was an appropriate time to start opening up his offense in the ninth, Manny made the determined challenger pay with a hard left hand down the middle that floored him for a fourth time in the fight. Once again, Algeri beat the count but was ostensibly hurt badly by the punishing shot.

With less than a minute to go in the stanza, the Pac-monster jumped all over the 30 year old fighter and cracked him with a hard three punch combination that sent Algieri to the canvas yet again.

Even though the event's underdog made it past the one-sided round, the fight had officially become a runaway. And while Algieri needed something big to turn the momentum of the bout in his favor, he seemed content with fighting in a defensive manner...ostensibly satisfied with just trying to make it to the final bell.

Despite knocking Algieri down a final time in the tenth, Manny Pacquiao didn't get to record the 39th stoppage of his Hall of Fame career.

"I did my best," stated Manny Pacquiao. "I'm satisfied with my performance because I came to fight. I was looking for a KO, but he was fast and was moving, so it was hard."

When asked about a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2015, Manny made light of the inquiry by poking fun at his most recent appearance in a humorous Nike commercial.

"He's going to fight me? Yes...Yes!! I'm ready to fight him next year."

After figuratively beating his chest throughout the entire promotion, the losing fighter finally showed some humility after getting dominated for twelve consecutive rounds.

"The plan was to fight four first rounds, but Manny is the best in the world at fighting like Manny Pacquiao," admitted Chris Algieri. "The plan was to take the fight into the later rounds, and try to land shots that would hurt him. If the knock-out came, the knock-out came."

"It's not so much his punching power, it's how he mixes up his punches that really gave me trouble. He's a hell of a fighter."


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