Pacquiao vs Algieri: Spygate in Macao

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It has been recently reported that Team Algieri was accused by Manny Pacquiao's chief second, Freddie Roach, for allegedly sending in "a spy" to capture video footage of the eight division world champion and the heralded boxing coach while working on last minute strategies during their final workout on Wednesday.

At the basement gym of the Venetian Macao, the Hall of Fame trainer reportedly went berserk and accused none other than female boxer and TV personality Cara Castronuova of providing Team Algieri with videos of Manny working on basic fight strategies, like cutting off the ring, closing the distance, and throwing short combinations on the inside.

According to various members of the media on location, the famed fitness trainer of NBC's "The Biggest Loser" was seen regularly during Pacquiao's media workouts inside the hotel with a video camera in hand.

When confronted by Freddie Roach on November 19, concerning her motives for recording the sessions, the Elmont, New York, native stated that she was merely collecting source material for a documentary to be aired after Saturday night's championship contest.

Roach didn't believe Castronuova's alibi and commenced to kicking her out of the gym.

Admittedly, the boxing beauty is indeed a supporter of Chris' efforts, but not an official Team Algieri member, according to conditioning coach Keith Trimble.

"This is ridiculous," stated Trimble to various media sources on location. "I'm not concerned about what someone is doing in the final few days leading into the fight. It's none of our business...not at all."

Algieri's head trainer Tim Lane also denied the allegations made by the Hall of Fame trainer.

"We're not worried about something that has no direct involvement with us," declared Algieri's chief second to "GMA News Online".

"But I understand were Freddie is coming from. He knows his boxing and how Chris is looking right now. If I were him, I would also bark the same way he did."

Drama always seems to follow renowned trainer Freddie Roach during fight week in Macao, China.

Exactly one year ago in the same basement gym of the Venetian Macao, Pacquiao's renowned mentor had a highly publicized confrontation during the week leading up to "Pacquiao/Rios" with various members of Team Rios, including head trainer Robert Garcia and former conditioning coach Alex Ariza.

What started out as a perceived misunderstanding, concerning respective workout schedules for both camps, quickly turned into a physical altercation in which former Pacquiao conditioning expert Alex Ariza kicked the five-time trainer of the year in the midsection.

Although no tussle ensued between Roach and Castronuova, the 54 year old boxing icon was understandably peeved at the idea of a proclaimed Algieri sympathizer shooting workout footage in a supposedly neutral media zone.

Perhaps Freddie should be worried about Team Algieri viewing the dozens of other videos, showing similar footage from various media sources which were uploaded to YouTube the same day.

Welcome to the fight game.

Manny Pacquiao and Chris Algieri are slated to get it on in the main event at the Cotai Arena Venetian Macao on Saturday night, November 22. The event will be broadcast by HBO PPV with a start time of 9PM ET/6PM PT, and a price tag of $60 in SD and $70 in HD.


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