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Pacquiao vs Algieri PPV buys: Arum confirms where the smart money is

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Earlier this week via a conference call, Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum said something that may come as a surprise to many entrenched in the 'Sweet Science.'

I think we [Pacquiao vs Algieri] are going to [generate numbers] akin to what we did in the [Manny Pacquiao vs] Tim Bradley fight which is anywhere between 750,000 and 900,000 [PPV buys]."

But Pacquiao's last fight in Macao, against Brandon Rios a year ago, only generated about 475,000 buys... And the crowd-pleasing Rios was a far more established fighter than Algieri is today.

What gives?

And is Arum really comparing Algieri's stock to Bradley's?

The answer is: Yes.

It may seem insulting to some die-hards to mention a newbie like Chris Aligieri in the same sentence with an accomplished Top 10 pound-for-pound juggernaut like Tim Bradley but the Top Rank CEO defended his assertion as it relates to Pacquiao vs Algieri PPV buys.

"So while it's true among fight fans that Chris Algieri may not be as well known as an established guy as say Tim Bradley among the general public, more of the general public do now know Algieri than they do most fighters."

"For example, if you watch FOX Business News, where Algieri has been on numerous occasions, which fighter they knew better – Chris Algieri or Timothy Bradley – they would ay Chris Algieri," he said.

Bob Arum confirmed what some of us have known for years... It's casual fans, not boxing's diehards, who generate the most revenue on boxing's biggest stages.

From a business perspective and on this level, casual fans represent the target market.

That is exactly why Floyd Mayweather, Showtime and Golden Boys Promotions have been pushing so hard for Mayweather vs Amir Khan, despite the backlash from boxing's die-hard contingent.

While many hardcore fans insist they have little or no interest in Mayweather vs Khan, they are far outnumbered by those in the mainstream, a much larger audience, who would. (Of course, Mayweather vs Pacquiao would be an even bigger fight but that's another article)

While Arum is on-point by introducing Algieri to casual fans and dismissing the rants of those of us (including me) who represent boxing's base, is he over-stating the challenger's popularity just a bit?

Has Algieri come that far already?

We'll find out next month.


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