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Pacquiao vs. Algieri PPV buys: Card allegedly flops

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Since November 22, Team Pacquiao and Top Rank, Inc. have been aggressively pursuing a mega fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Although both parties insist that their sole motivation comes from a genuine willingness to finally give fight fans the event for which they’ve been clamoring, Manny and Bob’s relentless pursuit might actually stem from dire necessity.

If the rumors are indeed true, it would seem that Manny needs Floyd a lot more than Mayweather needs Pacquiao.

According to the always outspoken matchmaker from Buffalo, Rick Glaser, the latest PPV endeavor from Top Rank and HBO performed much lower than originally anticipated.

“Wow, horrible Pacquiao [vs Algieri] PPV reputedly did just over 300,000 buys, and it’s the lowest Manny PPV figure since becoming a super star,” stated Rick Glaser via Twitter on December 2.

Although official Pacquiao vs Algieri figures haven’t been released by either Top Rank, Inc. or HBO, the PPV numbers projected by the 25 year fight proponent could be defined as a real boxing catastrophe if they are anywhere near accurate.

The real bosses of boxing have obviously spoken with a resounding message to the networks, promoters, and the prizefighters. The fight fans have overwhelmingly decided that they will no longer foot the bill for match-ups that they feel are not worthy of the PPV platform.

Overall numbers throughout the entire 2014 calendar year have slipped dramatically across the board, with returns falling well below initial projection for every scheduled HBO and Showtime PPV boxing event.

While the two biggest names in boxing have been able to successfully maintain their superstar status without a ring merger up to this point, it would seem that the days of bypassing a Mayweather/Pacquiao super fight are long gone.

It’s doubtful that boxing fans would choose to support anything less than a desired Manny versus Floyd PPV event in 2015.


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