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Pacquiao vs Algieri face-off: The smile and the scowl

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If we didn't know any better, then we'd possibly be led to think that Chris Algieri belonged in a horror movie from the 1930's.

A classic one, in particular.

Frankenstein's monster befriends a young girl on the banks of a lake. The little girl engages the behemoth to throw flowers into the water and watch them float. When the big green man runs out of flowers, he picks up the girl and chucks her into the water.

Some are calling tonight's matchup between Algieri and Manny Pacquiao a sham of a matchup. There seem to be no prettier matchups to throw at one of the globe's most popular athletes, so what we're getting instead is one who can make the scene memorable but is only killing time until he's to be tossed into the water. It's understandable and many see the WBO's food chain as little more than the easiest way to keep the ball rolling.

Although the two combatants who will shortly climb into the ring in Macau, S.A.R., China represent different promoters, it likely wasn't difficult to bring the two sides to the table. Manny Pacquiao and company won't have to put on a make-good bout next year in order to get back lost revenue because the bout is taking place in the world's top gambling hotbed. 

At the same time, all concessions have been made to target a western, particularly American audience as the night's biggest customers.


Can you imagine attending a fight in Las Vegas where the main event begins at nine in the morning?

It would sound a bit nonsensical.

Stallone Algieri PC 141106 001a

The outrageous parallels between Chris Algieri's story and that of Rocky Balboa is beyond laughable. Many of us saw one or more of the Rocky movies and may have been led to believe that every boxing match is a brutal dogfight.

Algieri's record is of course an unbeaten one which boasts twenty wins with just eight knockouts. Of course, he's no slouch but he's neither punchy, illiterate nor dirt poor the way Balboa was when he was fighting tomato cans like Spider Rico for a fistful of dollars.

Pacquiao and Algieri face-off

Chris, by contrast is a highly educated individual with advanced collegiate degrees and dreams of attending medical school.

If it hasn't happened already, then his career high payday of one million dollars or more will likely disqualify him for any kind of financial aid when the day comes to begin the study of medicines and cadavers. We can in no way discount his win over Ruslan Provodnikov last June, however he's set to face a very different ilk of combatant this evening (or morning in Asia). Manny Pacquiao (56-5-2, 38 KO's) has an opportunity to use tonight's bout as a statement game for the spring of 2015.

We all know what that means.

Chris Algieri is a very likable fellow. The Huntington, New York fighter can at least hold the fact that he's fought in Madison Square Garden over Manny's head. In fact, he's never fought outside of the Empire State. He's had a great attitude throughout the promotion of the bout.


"I love this sport and anything we can do to help it is great. The more attention that is drawn to any of the fighters, especially in a positive way, is good for the sport", said Chris during his final conference call with the media two weeks ago.

It's beyond unfair to classify Algieri as a night's target practice for the man from Sarangani Province, Philippines. He's more than capable of pulling off the upset this evening, but there's a reason once more that the bout is taking place in Macau. A do or die moment for Manny Pacquiao would not be held anywhere other than Las Vegas.


Although Algieri's "I know what you did" scowl on the fight's official poster would suggest differently, the well read, pre med pugilist will not get the same benefit of the doubt as he did last summer.

The judges won't find a category for heart and guts or even a swollen eye this time. If Pacquiao does what most think he'll do, then Chris will walk away hurt. Rich, but hurt. If Manny sleep walks to a opium like decision, then he'll continue to walk away hurt. Fewer shots fired only gives Floyd more ammunition.


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