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Tonight, Manny Pacquiao takes on Chris Algieri in a bout that has drawn intriguing interest as a substitute for the match the world wants to see in Pacquiao VS Mayweather.

Manny Pacquiao is coming off of two huge wins over Brandon Rios and Timothy Bradley which have demonstrated that Pac Man is still at the elite level of the sport despite his knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez two years ago.

Chris Algieri earned this lifetime opportunity by defeating Ruslan Provodnikov in a close bout in which the former recovered from two first round knockdowns and an eye that swelled shut, to win a split decision.

With an undefeated record, a big win over a world champion, and no one else for Bob Arum to throw at his cash cow, Algieri got the call.

This bout will draw the common fan's interest because of Pacquiao's name and the boxer vs puncher style matchup. Only in this case, Manny Pacquiao is much more than just a big puncher. Chris Algieri definitely brings a lot to the table, but this fight will be on a whole new level for him.

There are many questions that will be answered tonight.

A lot of experts, in their overall analysis, are giving Algieri a legitimate chance in this fight, and deservingly so.

He gave an outstanding performance after overcoming adversity against Provodnikov. Also, he has excellent skills in many aspects of the game.

On HBO's "Under the Lights" with Max Kellerman, Timothy Bradley, and Virgil Hunter; fans were given some expert analysis on how the fight could play out.

Virgil Hunter demonstrated how if Algieri uses his height and keeps Manny at the end of his front hand with his front foot pointed at Pac Man, Algieri can control him all night. Hunter also discussed the 'three lines of defense' which is the jab, the front foot, and the right hand. He explained that if Algieri keeps his position and forces Pacquiao to go through him, it could be a long night for the Filipino.

Although Hunter's theory is reasonable, what he failed to emphasize is how difficult it really is to execute such a game plan against a fighter like Pacquiao.

Pacquiao's movement alone might be manageable if Algieri can keep him at the end of his jab. But Manny uses feints very well, he punches while he moves, his speed is equal to, if not better than Algieri's, and once Manny lands a good shot, it will change the fight.

When Algieri tries to paw with the front hand, Pacquiao will move in, out, left, and right. The range will constantly change and Manny will force exchanges. Algieri has to react to feints or he will start getting hit with leads. Once Pacquiao starts feinting Algieri and forcing him backwards, Manny will close the range and walk him down.

In the Provodnikov fight, Algieri boxed well but backed into the ropes a lot. He was able to escape because Ruslan followed him and was looking for one or two big shots.

This won't be the case against Pacquiao.

It will be very difficult to escape from the corner against Manny because he throws 4-6 punch combinations then steps around and throws another one.

In Pacquiao VS Bradley 2, we saw how difficult it is to escape from the ropes against Pacquiao. Algieri doesn't have the fire power to keep Pac Man off of him. I definitely see this as an uphill battle for Chris.

Pacquiao vs Algieri Prediction: I'm picking Pacquiao by knockout at some point during the fight. If Algieri holds on, he could go the distance but I do believe that the tough kid from Long Island is in over his head. He's a game champion and deserves this shot, but I think it is more than he can handle at this point.


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