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No...Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not making a comeback

Joseph Herron Updated
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Early this morning, Thursday October 19, the former pound for pound king was captured working the heavy bag at his world renowned Mayweather Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada. As soon as the attached video clip was published on Money May's Instagram account, the wheels began turning on various media outlets, with mention of a potential 2018 comeback.

Although the business of boxing, as well as the entire TMT stable of prospects and contenders, would greatly benefit from the return of its biggest box office draw, don't count on seeing a comeback from the now 41 year old technician.

As most intelligent observers noticed in his most recent ring effort, Floyd was ostensibly a shell of his former pound for pound self, and didn't seem to have the same desire, hunger, speed, reflexes or conviction throughout the glorified exhibition with MMA superstar Conor McGregor. Despite getting the seemingly imminent knock-out victory over the UFC's boxing novice in the tenth stanza of the August 26th showcase, the all-time great stated that he had absolutely no desire to tangle with boxing's current crop of elite level athletes at anytime in the near or distant future.

A lot like the newly retired Andre Ward, Floyd Jr. stated that he didn't miss torturing himself to the point of getting in "fight shape".

Most people don't realize that fight night for any disciplined and gifted athlete like Mayweather has always been viewed as the most enjoyable part of the physically demanding pastime. Fighters like the Grand Rapids native always possess the mentality that they actually get paid to train, which is where the real suffering occurs. The lights, camera and action on the night of the event is merely the pay-off, while the "wear and tear" that happens during the training camps inevitably takes a serious toll and a long-term damaging effect on any pugilist's body.

Sure, Floyd loves the money that comes with every big event, but does he miss the pain and suffering that inevitably comes with the preparation?

Absolutely not.

So fight fans should not expect a Mayweather comeback anytime soon...not ever. He's retired...end of story.

This is simply Mayweather's way of trying to stay relevant within the business of boxing. For the sake of his brand, promotional outfit and future of his ever-growing stable of talent, Floyd has to continue to promote the TMT moniker and his always controversial persona.

Sorry, fight fans...Floyd will never be seen in the professional ring as a serious competitor ever again.


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