Muhammad Ali: Still Adored by the Masses

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Muhammad Ali is still adored by many. Last week the man who always called himself 'The Greatest', Muhammad Ali, turned 71.

Fans in boxing forums and websites, as well as those on Facebook wished the boxing legend well. Everyone was so warm and it became apparent that he is still loved by so many.

At 71 years old and in failing health, I think people are realising that we won't have the great man forever.

Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Clay, was confident from the very beginning. He once said he called himself 'The Greatest' well before he even knew he was. And even before winning a world title, he was destined to grab headlines. His brash speaking, witty insults and poetic predictions were a journalist's dream.

How could he be ignored?

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The world soon took notice when in 1964 and aged 22, he faced the menacing Heavyweight champion, Sonny Liston. Ali stopped his much- feared opponent in the 7th round and fans demanded an immediare rematch, insisting Muhammad Ali's win was a fluke. But in the rematch, Ali again stopped Liston - and this time it took just one round.

The world was left with no doubt of who the ruler of boxing was.

In 1971 Muhammad Ali's blinding speed was pitted against the ferocious style of Joe Frazier. After 15 hard and brutal rounds, Ali was left with his first career defeat in the fight dubbed 'Fight of the Century'. A rematch seemed inevitable, but fans would have to wait 3 years.

Ali cemented his place in history with further wins over Cooper, Patterson, Foreman and exacted revenge over previous conquerors, Frazier, Norton and Spinks.

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His final record was 56-5, 37 KO

Muhammad Ali's title of 'The Greatest' has always been debated. Of course it is just a matter of opinion, but important to some nonetheless. For me, the greatest is Sugar Ray Robinson.

However, Muhammad Ali is the Greatest ambassador boxing has ever had. He made boxing what it today. He popularized boxing and inspired many of its future stars and champions.

We all have a lot to thank the great man for.

Another reason for him being a man to look up to are his morals. He stood up for his religious views and refused to go to war. This resulted in him being stripped of his title and losing a large chunk of his prime.

He holds wins over 7 hall of famers, is one of only three boxers to win 'Sportsman of the Year' and his charitable work far exceeds kindness.

All of this is why so many people will always adore Muhammad Ali.


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