Mir vs Cunningham odds: About right?

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In another Boxing vs MMA hybrid, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir will be making his boxing debut against previously retired former cruiserweight champion Steve Cunningham.

Mir vs Cunningham will be on the undercard of the much anticipated fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren.

Odds were not easy for find for this one. As of 6:13am ET on April 17, fight day, we’ve found one bettor supplying Cunningham vs Mir odds. Perhaps it’s because of the odd nature of this bout and because it’s received little buzz? Or maybe it’s the result of Mir’s last minute replacement (The former UFC champ was initially slated to fight Antonio Tarver who subsequently failed his fight physical)

Mir vs Cunningham
Heavyweights, 8 rounds
Apr 17, 2021
Main event: Paul vs Askren

Mir vs Cunningham odds
Per Oddstrader’s aggregate of two bettors, Cunningham, 44, is a whopping -1430 (or 10/143) favorite while Mir, 41, is sitting at +625 (or 25/4). Hence, a successful $1,430 bet on the longtime boxer will payout $100 while a winning $100 wager on the mixed martial artist would garner you a net of just $625.

No disrespect to Mir, but it seems the betting line should be a bit wider. A winning $100 bet on Frank would ideally pay $900 or more given the vast difference in experience.

What gives?
For starters, Cunningham hasn't fought in nearly 4 years (Aug 2017) and, as a replacement for Tarver, has had just 3 weeks to prepare. Conversely, Frank has been away from the Octagon for about a year and a half (Oct 2019).

Advantage Mir.

Also, Cunningham, although naturally bigger and stronger than Tarver, isn’t as crafty of a technician so, in some ways, Steve would be the more preferred opponent for a fella like Mir who is making his boxing debut. That stated, an in-shape Cunningham is a bigger threat than Tarver to knockout Mir. 


 What does Cunningham have left at 44 and how will his hiatus from boxing and the short time he had to get ready for Mir play a role in the outcome?

"I’m making my debut in the boxing discipline and I’m facing someone who is a former champ,” Mir said. “As far as debuts go for guys going into boxing, this is probably one of the most difficult ones. Obviously I was a professional in MMA I have experience, but this is a new animal all together, so going out there and obviously being victorious is phenomenal, but going out there and being proficient and having a good showing and a good representation of what mixed martial arts are able to do in boxing, is also a victory.”

Steve Cunningham, who appears in decent shape, has been one of the most durable fighters in boxing over the last 15 years while Frank Mir is a former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion in MMA and a legend of the sport who specialized in jiu jitsu and is one of its best tacticians in MMA history.

Look for Cunningham to set the tone and establish a slow pace early on. He'll want to see exactly what Mir is bringing. After all, while Mir has seen video of Cunningham in the ring, the former's performances in the Octagon are probably less decipherable, boxing-wise.


FightSaga tidbit:
Mir will be70 lbs heavier than Cunninghmam. While that might be an advantage in wrestling, it won't neccessarily be one tonight. In fact, it could be a disadavantage. 

Because boxing is part of MMA, Mir isn't entering this contest totally inexperienced. Also, he's had months to train and is used to plying his craft on the big stage and against legitimately threatening opponents, albeit no boxers, so don't expect him tire quickly or be overcome by the moment 

Mir, who is very unlikely to outbox Steve over 8 rounds, will look for openings to unleash some big shots as its likely he'll need a knockout or several knockdowns (in a distance fight) to win.

After being away from the ring for nearly 4 years and with just 3 weeks to prepare, Cunningham probably won't take many chances. Expect him to play it safe, land an occasional humdinger, and pound out a decisive unanimous decision victory.

"There’s certain ways to fight a big guy, said Cunningham. The plus for him is, he’s an MMA guy and they fight different than boxers. I’ve fought MMA guys before and it’s a little different because they throw different combinations. It’s a different flow until I get that rhythm,” said Cunningham. “But, the negative for him is, he’s a novice at boxing. But, like I said in the press conference, he’s a two-time champion. He’s a warrior and there’s a line there warrior and then champion. He’s both of those. So he knows how to get in there and push and try to make something happen.” (Philadelphia CBS Local)

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