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Mike Tyson dismisses Floyd Mayweather, enjoys watching Manny Pacquiao more (+ Video)

Lee Cleveland Updated
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In a recent interview on SN, host Max Kellerman asked fight legend Mike Tyson which contemporary fighter he enjoyed watching most. "No fighter looked more sensational than Pacquiao the other night," stated 'Iron' Mike who was refering to Pacquiao's win over Brandon Rios.

When Kellerman's sidekick host reminded the heavyweight great about current top pound-for-pound pugilist Floyd Mayweather, Mike brushed it off.

"That shows you're a neophyte in boxing."

"You know nothing about boxing."

A neophyte?

Mike stopped short of saying Manny was better, simply insisting Pacquiao was more exciting and 'sensational.'

Once a crowd-pleasing, offensive-minded fighter himself, perhaps Mike is a bit biased? Or maybe he's echoing popular sentiment?

To the casual fan, there's no mistaking which fighter is more exciting. 

Manny Pacquiao is clearly the more explosive, more action-packed fighter.

And to Mike's point, appealling to the masses and providing excitment is something all, or at least most, fighters aspire to.

But Floyd Mayweather, who can make any elite fighter look amateurish, sells more PPVs and is boxing's top attraction from a money (pun not intended) standpoint.

Mayweather is not as offensive as Pacquiao but his ring intelligence, footwork, ability to set traps and make opponents miss and, of course, his speed and timing make him very attractive as well.

Floyd Mayweather doesn't fight a fight.... He gives a performance. He is Mikhail Baryshnikov... He is Luciano Pavarotti... He is Beethoven.

But Manny Pacquiao's style is more flashy and eye-catching. He's like a fast-break, high-scoring basketball team that does reverse lay-ups, alley-oops and 360 slams. His style generates more 'oohs and aahs' from viewers.

Both fighters are fun to watch but in different ways.

Ultra-skilled and athletic, they have many tricks in their arsenals and can do things in the ring others can't.

Let's hope Mayweather eventually agrees to face Pacquiao and that they fight each other 2 or 3 times while both are still on top.

Whose style do you prefer?


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