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Mike Tyson: "I didn't duck anybody. Will we be able to say that about Floyd Mayweather?"

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Many have stated that it's never a positive to learn "how the sausage gets made" in any industry.

Unfortunately for the fans of boxing, many modern day prizefighters, like Floyd Mayweather Jr., don't subscribe to such an ideology. Instead of merely taking criticisms in stride, like most other men throughout boxing's rich history, many athletes will often remind the paying customer that prizefighting is indeed a business and not a sport.

In order to explain their decision making process when choosing an opponent, pugilists like "Money May" will decide to pull the curtain back, revealing the secrets that most fight fans believe should remain hidden backstage.

In a recent interview with "Sway in the Morning" on Sirius XM Radio, boxing Hall of Famer Mike Tyson was very critical of this modern boxing trend.

"Fighting is different now," stated the former Heavyweight Champion. "When I was fighting, if there was someone who said that they were better than me...he didn't even have to be a number one contender. If he said that he was better than me then he got a fight."

"But nowadays, it's all about who's going to make the most money. The fight game doesn't have any dignity left because it's just all about money."

Although Iron Mike is currently a boxing promoter, who undoubtedly understands which direction the wheels turn in the fight game, the 48 year old boxing icon digs at modern day fighters for thinking of themselves before the good of the sport...specifically Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"Is he a great champion? Yes," stated Mike Tyson. "But do I think that he's ducked fighters, or were there fighters that he should have fought like Paul Williams when he had the chance? Look, it shouldn't take this long to fight Pacquiao. He's a great fighter, no doubt."

"But there are fights that we want to see."

"At the end of the day, win or lose, no one could say anything about me because I know I fought everybody...I didn't duck anybody. Everyone who wanted it got a shot. Will we be able to say that about Floyd Mayweather? Maybe he doesn't even care...he's all about money. He's 'Money Mayweather' and money is his security."

As a fight promoter, Mike Tyson understands the dangers of revealing the business side of boxing. If the consumers discover the secrets of the magician, the "magic" isn't "magical" any longer.

Will this current trend of boxing eventually sour the majesty of the sweet science? Should prizefighters abstain from revealing the business of boxing to the paying customer?


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