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Miguel Cotto vs Canelo: Trainer Freddie Roach can't wait

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Although it's been reported by several sources that the ongoing Canelo/Cotto negotiations have been a bit rocky, to say the least, head coach and six-time trainer of the year recipient Freddie Roach believes the fight will eventually be made by the end of the year.

"Cotto vs Canelo is definitely one of the biggest fights in boxing," stated the Hall of Fame trainer in an interview with Gabe Montoya and David Duenez.

"We need the best to fight the best, and those two guys are the best in the division. I think it's a great fight. I think it's great competition and it puts a lot of pressure on Floyd."

Contrary to popular belief, the world renowned boxing mentor recognizes that Miguel stands to actually make more money in a super fight with his Mexican counterpart than a proposed rematch with the pound for pound king of boxing. He also knows that his Puerto Rican superstar wants to be treated like an A-side fighter for the remainder of his career...treatment that he more than likely wouldn't receive when negotiating with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Because of the hefty guarantee that Floyd Joy Sinclair has grown accustomed to receiving, not much is left for the event's B-side fighter; even when the opponent possesses the credentials of a four division world champion like Miguel Cotto.

Although the current Middleweight Champ generated a career high $8 million guarantee before PPV incentives in May of 2012, when he dropped a unanimous decision to Money May, the event's A-side attraction walked away with a guaranteed $32 million.

At this stage in his future Hall of Fame career, Miguel wishes to be treated with a little more reverence.

For a proposed mega fight between Canelo and Cotto, both fighters are looking at earning a possible guarantee of $10 million apiece...an offer which more than likely wouldn't be replicated in connection with any other opponent, even Floyd Mayweather.

Roach is so confident that the fight will eventually be announced, the astute fight trainer has already been mentally preparing a gameplan for Canelo Alvarez.

"I'm going to start to game plan for Canelo because I definitely feel that it's going to happen, and I think it's going to be a huge, huge fight," professes Freddie Roach. "It's one of the fights that the world wants to see. There's a lot of love and hate between the Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, which always makes for a great fight."

"So I can't wait to start getting ready for that fight. Miguel has really turned the corner with me, and we've had great results in his last two fights. He's a dedicated and hard worker, and I love working with Miguel."

Cotto arrived in Los Angeles on Sunday, December 7, and was slated to start working at the Wildcard Gym on Monday afternoon. Coach Freddie is genuinely excited.

"You know I look forward to this fight because I look forward to challenges and getting Cotto ready for Canelo Alvarez. We're going to work for a couple of weeks just to get some of the cobwebs off of him, because we've had a little bit of a layoff, so we will be training at the Wildcard up until Christmas."

"Cotto vs. Canelo is the fight that I want to see, and I think the rest of the world agrees with me."

The Hall of Fame trainer realizes that Miguel's fight strategy will be much different for Canelo Alvarez than the approach he used for his previous adversary.

'The gameplan for Canelo will be much different than the one we used for Martinez," states the Wildcard Gym leader. "We will have to make a lot of adjustments and so forth, but it's not very complicated."

"Canelo is a big puncher and he does have knock-out power, which we respect. But I think that Canelo can fade when he gets taken into the late rounds. It's one of the many factors that we have to consider going into this fight. We have to go to the body early and start breaking this guy down."

"It'll be a tough chore, but I think we can do it."

Admittedly, Roach has been generating a plan of attack for Manny Pacquiao's potential rival as well.

"I have the game plan in my head already for both opponents, and I've watched a lot of tape on these guys."

"I'm ready for the Mayweather fight, and the Canelo fight for sure."

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