Cotto vs Canelo must happen

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With Saul Alvarez's victory over Erislandy Lara - regardless of the controversy - Canelo has put himself into position for another mega fight. And Miguel Cotto captured the linear middleweight title by stopping Sergio Martinez last month.

Both starts must strike while the 'iron is hot.'

For Canelo, a rematch with Floyd Mayweather is pretty much out of the question based on the lopsidedness of their fight so there are not a lot of big money options out there in the jr middleweight division.

Dimitrius Andrade is an undefeated champion at 154 pounds but hasn't developed a following large big enough to galvanize interest on a grande scale.

Alvarez's recent troubles making the 154 pound limit indicate that a move to middleweight may happen soon.

Although some fans (including me) would like to see Alvarez and Lara fight again to settle last weekend's controversy, the fight that must happen, for several reasons, is Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez

Let's go back to 1999 when Oscar De La Hoya and Felix Trinidad battled each other in one of the most lucrative fights in history. The Mexico vs Puerto Rico rivalry, along with both fighters' elite level accomplishments and undefeated records help garner the interest of fans from all over the world and built a pay per view event that set an all-time record (for the time) for non-heavyweight pay per view buys (1.4 million).

Would the buyrate for Cotto vs Canelo for the lineal middleweight championship exceed that of De La Hoya vs Trinidad?

Fight of the Millennium

There are differences between that fight and the aforementioned impending match-up. For example, Alvarez is from Mexico and represents his people  He exudes a machismo image, and by not speaking English, demonstrates that fame and fortune have not changed him.

Also, the Mexican community identifies with Canelo more than they did De La Hoya and the former's following is bigger than Oscar's ever was. Oscar was a crossover Mexican/American who had a Mexican following yet a fair number of detractors - especially after he stopped the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez in 1996 and then again two years later.

To Mexicans, Alvarez is a Mexican institution and it is seemingly considered unpatriotic to dislike him.

There's also a solid difference between Miguel Cotto today and the Felix Trinidad who faced De La Hoya in that September 1999 superfight.

Cotto has won titles in four weight classes and has impressively come back from two KO losses. He is battle-tested and resilient. Trinidad, on the otherhand, was undefeated at the time but hadn't faced a big star heading into his fight with Oscar. 

There were also some styles Tito had not seen at that point. Conversely, Cotto has been in the ring with elite-level opponents in four weight classes.

A Cotto vs Canelo fight for the middleweight championship would surpass De La Hoya-Trinidad and may even set a pay per view record. Promoters could even double the gate prices and that fight would still easily sell out.

If it happens on Cinco De Mayo or Puerto Rican Independence Day and in Madison Square Garden, Houston, or even Las Vegas, this event is guaranteed to be earth-shattering .

Canelo vs Cotto must happen for the good of boxing, as does Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

These bouts have the potential to help make the Sweet Science as popular as it once was.




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