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Miguel Cotto should relinquish title if he doesn't plan to fight Gennady Golovkin, insists GGG's trainer

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Saturday night at the renowned Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, Triple G trainer Abel Sanchez was on location as part of the HBO Latino broadcast and was asked what he thought about lineal Middleweight Champion Miguel Cotto possibly fighting Canelo Alvarez in May, rather than unifying the weight division with his star fighter and current WBA title holder.

"I think Canelo versus Cotto is a good fight," stated Golovkin's head trainer during an interview with fight scribe Rodney Green.

"But if you call yourself the lineal Middleweight Champion, you're expected to defend that title against the best fighters in the division. If not, then you should relinquish that distinction, especially if you want to compete as a Junior Middleweight."

In the past, it was argued that the hard punching Kazakh native was too much risk for the reward for the biggest names in and around the 160 pound division. But after selling out the StubHub Center in Carson, California last month, and pulling in impressive ratings on HBO World Championship Boxing as well, Mr. Sanchez doesn't think marketability and money is the issue.

"With the support of HBO, and Gennady's growing fan base, I don't think fighters can really use that excuse any longer," states Abel Sanchez. "But whenever Gennady's name is mentioned to any of the top fighters in around his division, they're still either busy or Al Haymon won't approve the match-up...so I think the media and the fans need to start asking those questions as to why certain fighters don't want to step in the ring with Triple G."

Although Gennady has mentioned in recent interviews that he would prefer to clean out the Middleweight division before moving up in weight, the astute fight trainer does confirm the current WBA titlist would be willing to compete at 168 pounds against the top fighters of the division...including Andre Ward.

"As long as Gennady stays busy, we're happy. But we're looking for any potential PPV match-up against any of the big names in the sport. We would even be willing to compete at 168 pounds to fight Chavez Jr., Carl Froch...even De Gale I think those match-ups would be big events and entertaining fights."

"If Andre Ward ever decides to resolve his legal issues, we would have no problem entertaining the idea of facing him also."

"But in the meantime, we're happy as long as we're able to stay active."

To all of the Triple G's detractors, who insist that Gennady should move up to Super Middleweight to face Andre Ward, Abel has a few words for them as well.

"Why wasn't that same question asked of Andre Ward when he cleaned out the weight division several years ago," asks the prolific boxing coach. "Why isn't that same question being asked now? Why don't those same people want to see him move up in weight to fight Sergey Kovalev? Avenge the loss of his hero, Bernard Hopkins?"

"Ultimately my fighter is waiting to stage that signature fight at 160 pounds. Yes, we would entertain the idea of fighting at 168 pounds in the interim, but we want to unify the titles at 160 pounds and face the lineal champ Miguel Cotto. Ward already did that at Super Middleweight several years ago. Why hasn't he moved up to fight Stevenson or Kovalev?"

"Also he is still mired in legal issues with his promoter. When he is interested in fighting again, then we can open up this discussion...but until that time, it's just not a relevant issue."


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