Mayweather vs Paul odds: He's 44, not 94

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It appears 44-year-old fight legend Floyd Mayweather will face famous 26-year-old YouTuber Logan Paul in an exhibition after all. Mayweather vs Paul was on and then it was off, and now it’s on again.


It’s likely Floyd saw how much revenue Jake Paul’s boxing match with former UFC mixed martial artist Ben Askren garnered on April 17th and couldn’t resist.

So, what are bettors saying?

Mayweather vs Paul odds

For starters, exhibitions are not real boxing matches. Not only are they not included in a fighter’s win/loss record, but such contests are usually glorified sparring sessions where neither guy aims to unleash a lot of hurt. Hence, exhibitions are cordial contests where unwritten agreements are par for the course.

Before we jump into our Mayweather vs Logan Paul betting synopsis, here’s what can we expect from this affair:

• Don't expect a hurt fighter to get pounced by his opponent

• Don’t expect a fighter to take advantage an opponent wko is sucking wind

• Don’t expect a fighter to seek a knockout in any way shape or form

• And don’t expect a real and legitimate decision in the end because exhibitions are usually not scored or ruled a draw

Yes, typically there are no decisions rendered in exhibitions or it’s ruled a draw.

The 1976 exhibition between Muhammad Ali and Japanese wrestler/martial artist Antonio Inoki, for instance, was ruled a draw as was last year's exhibition between legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

Will a real decision be rendered for Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul?

Per a December 2020 article by OddsChecker, a British sportsbook had given the YouTube star, a fella who boasts novice-level experience and has lost both of his fights so far (against fellow YouTuber KSI) a 4.8% chance of beating the great Floyd Mayweather.

According to the afforementioned source, Mayweather, back then, was a strong 1/100 (-100000) favorite to win while Paul sat at a not astronomical 20/1 (+2000) despite the fact he woefully lacks experience. A draw was priced at 16/1 (+1600).

Via that assessment, Floyd's chance of winning is 99 percent while Logan is given a whopping 4.8 percent chance to upset Mayweather.

4.8 percent?

That's almost a 1 in 20 chance. Buster Douglas was a much bigger underdog at 42 to 1 when he pulled off the upset over Mike Tyson in February 1990. 

Paul's actual chances of winning are much closer to 1 in 500 as he'd have to catch the legend with a lucky punch at the right time and place to beat Mayweather.

Perhaps people think Floyd, at 44, will be terribly out of shape, slow and unfocused?

That's very unlikely. He's 44, not 94.

But even a lethargic version of Floyd, with his strong amateur background and two decades of pro experience, most of which is on the elite level, should defeat Logan Paul.

Please share your thoughts on the preliminary Mayweather vs Paul odds.


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