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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Will Freddie Roach break the “May-vinci Code”

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With only six weeks remaining until the most highly anticipated fight in decades, seven-time trainer of the year Freddie Roach is meticulously working at the Wildcard Gym with eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao to try and hand Floyd “Money” Mayweather his first professional loss on May 2.

While most boxing strategists would agree that reducing Floyd’s reaction time and closing the distance between the two fighters is vital in mounting a successful attack against one of the best defensive fighters of all time, Coach Freddie understands that it’s much easier in theory than inside the ring.

“We’re working on a lot of things,” claims the Hall of Fame fight trainer. “We’re recognizing when Floyd sets traps. He’s very smart in how he does it."

"I learned that when I got the assignment to train Oscar De la Hoya for Floyd, and I’ve been studying him ever since. So I know how Floyd sets his opponents up and walks them into shots.”


“We’re working on nullifying all of that. When I set those same traps in the gym, Manny quickly identifies them and nullifies it. But we have to work on it every day. I have to make it part of his brain. So when Floyd tries to walk him into a shot during the fight, Manny will make the right move to negate it.”

“Manny’s done very well up to this point, and I’m very happy with his progress.”

Roach knows that a creative and intelligent assault is imperative for success on May 2. Although he doesn’t want to hinder his fighter’s primary strengths leading into the fight, Freddie is teaching Manny Pacquiao to identify when to let his hands go, and when to cease fire as well.

“Manny is very motivated for this fight,” insists Freddie Roach.

“Floyd likes to set the pace and have everything his way, so you have to take Floyd out of his comfort zone. We have to take advantage every time Floyd takes a break on the ropes, but we have to recognize when he’s actually resting and not trying to set us up.”

“We have to make the right moves before attacking him and recognize when he’s trying to set traps for Manny before committing to anything.”

“He followed his opponent around the ring a little too much and wasn’t effectively cutting off the ring in his last fight. You can’t follow Floyd around like that. He’s too smart and will walk you into shots. So Manny has been working towards making the right adjustments and is looking very good so far.”

The 55 year old strategist is confident that Manny Pacquiao will be the first man to break the “May-vinci Code” on May 2.

“Manny is already looking really sharp in the gym,” professes the astute fight trainer. “We’ll be ready to beat Mayweather in six weeks.”

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