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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao...The benefactors have spoken

Joseph Herron Updated
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In a recent interview with Fox Sports, Floyd "Money" Mayweather was once again asked about a potential fight with eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao, and gave the same, seemingly rehearsed talking points as his official statement on the stale dated topic. "We've already seen that he can be outboxed," stated the pound for pound king. "We've already seen that he can get knocked out. So what does he bring to the table? His PPV numbers don't do what my PPV numbers do, and his gate numbers don't do what my gate numbers consistently do."

"The difference between me a Manny Pacquiao is that he's just a fighter. That's under somebody else's banner. Me...I'm a boss. There's a difference. He has to take orders, I give orders."

It's often a misconceived notion regurgitated among fight fans that prizefighters are merely pawns within the chess game controlled by promoters and networks.

But fighters with Pacquiao and Mayweather's stature have always possessed the real power within the sport of boxing. They've always had and always will have the final say.

If any boxer doesn't want to compete against a suggested opponent, there's no one on this earth who can force a prizefighter to step in the ring and risk his health for fan entertainment. Not the promoters, not the network executives...not anyone.

Frequently athletes will delegate the duty of selecting future opposition to their respective managers, matchmakers, and promoters. This will commonly be interpreted among the boxing fandom as evidence that a prizefighter is merely a puppet whose sole purpose is to satisfy the bidding of his master.

Only in the world of make believe.

In reality, the world of boxing is a symbiotic partnership between promoters, fighters, managers, and network executives...all working together to bring a quality and entertaining product to the real bosses of the sport...the passionate fans of boxing.

So when the biggest name in the industry states that Manny Pacquiao works for Bob Arum, and he in comparison is in fact a boss...he's not giving fight fans, the legitimate benefactors of boxing, the whole truth.

As both Manny and Floyd have recently been reminded, the paying fans are their bosses and set the market price for their respective worth within the sport of boxing.

Although accurate numbers have not yet been reported for either the April 12th PPV event, featuring Pacquiao/Bradley II, or the May 3rd PPV fight card, featuring Mayweather/Maidana, don't hold your breath waiting for the actual figures to be disclosed anytime soon.

Both were relative disappointments that didn't hit their projected goals.

The genuine bosses of the sport have spoken, and they're obviously not pleased with either Mayweather's or Pacquiao's recent choices of respective opposition.

In a competitive and somewhat saturated 2014 PPV market, don't expect either fighter to surpass the 1.2 to 1.5 million PPV purchase threshold anytime soon...unless of course they succumb to reality and elect to work together.

Despite the continuous efforts of "Money May" and his ever growing legion of fans to diminish the accomplishments of the Filipino icon, Manny Pacquiao remains the second biggest commodity in boxing, just behind Floyd Mayweather Jr.

It's time.

The great fans of the sport deserve to finally see the two most widely recognizable ambassadors of boxing meet in the ring.

Mayweather has often recited the reasoning that the fans won't be paying his bills when his career is over.

But the boxing die-hards are paying your salary right now, Floyd...and a guaranteed 32 million for each outing will be a thing of the past if they choose not to support your efforts any further.

"Floyd Mayweather fights for Floyd Mayweather...but I do want to please the fans."

You'll have no choice but to please the fans if they continue to snub future pay-per-view events.

Fight Manny Pacquiao...It's long overdue.

Your employers, the fans of boxing, demand it.


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