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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Negotiations underway for 'Super Bowl' of boxing

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With the official start of NFL’s tournament play this weekend, football fans across the United States are anxious to see how the various brackets play out and which teams eventually emerge as the conference representatives in this year’s Super Bowl.

Although millions of league fanatics are forced to wait an entire year to see what’s widely considered the most exciting and competitive portion of the grueling and physically demanding football season, the NFL Playoffs are always perceived to be worth the wait.

But would NFL fans remain as enthusiastic if they were forced to wait five years to witness the two best teams in the league square off in a Super Bowl?

Probably not.

To boxing’s credit, the always passionate fans of the sport have barely wavered in their enthusiasm for the once seemingly improbable match-up that is “Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.”.

For over half a decade, droves of Pacman and Money May supporters have relentlessly been at each others throats via the internet, debating ad nauseam which fighter would reign supreme if the two best pound for pound pugilists were to eventually meet in the ring.

In 2015, ardent fans of both camps may finally see the highly anticipated showdown.

According to numerous sources, negotiations are currently underway for the clamored match-up, and both camps are hoping that a fight deal will be signed and announced within the next several weeks.

In a recent interview with RingTV.com, longtime Pacquiao advisor Michael Koncz confirmed both teams are indeed negotiating the terms for a massive event.

“We’re still in negotiations with Floyd’s group through Top Rank,” stated Koncz via Lem Satterfield of RingTV.com.

“We’ve been going back and forth. Bob (Arum, Top Rank CEO) has been negotiating with the powers that be on Floyd’s side for the past couple of weeks. There have been offers and counter offers.”

“I’m never overly optimistic until the contract is signed, but the good thing is that we’re still going back and forth.”

While most die-hard, casual, and mainstream sports fans have heard all of this before, most insiders believe the current demand for a Mayweather vs Pacquiao super fight is too great for the potentially record setting match-up to fail. With a projected purse total of $200 million, the highly anticipated Welterweight fight would easily be the most lucrative event in the sport’s rich history.

In boxing, the fight fans have always served as the genuine bosses of the sport. And because of its unique structure, the two popular combatants won’t be finding a more lucrative offer with an alternative business partner.

Since Pacquiao’s impressive November 22, 2014, victory over former WBO Junior Welterweight title holder Chris Algieri, fight fans have seemingly become fixated on the proposed super match-up. As a result, the boxing public has issued a mandate for both athletes:

“Fight each other and receive a career high payday, or suffer the consequences”

The benefactors of boxing have spoken loudly and clearly.

Will the dramatic conclusion to this five year drama ultimately play out in 2015?

Mayweather vs Pacquaio in 2015?  It’s genuinely starting to look that way.


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