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Mayweather vs Pacquiao prediction: Floyd needs to start 'running numbers' again

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The formidable website FightHype asked fight legend and boxing trainer Buddy McGirt to summarize Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao and offer a prediction.

"At one point, I'd say Floyd [by a] landslide. Now, it's so-so," chimed the former world champion who once campaigned in the same division Floyd at and Manny currently compete.

"He's not going to beat Pacquiao doing what he did against Maidana." He gotta go back to the Floyd of old... Putting combinations together, running numbers."



"That's the only way he's going to beat Pacquiao because Pacquiao throws punches in bunches."

"Floyd has the ability to throw punches in bunches. Don't get me wrong. He has to go back to that," added McGirt.

In recent years, Floyd Mayweather has adopted an more economic offensive approach, trading flurries for one punch or a 1-2 combination.


It's a defensive tactic that minimizes his opponents' ability to counter. And although it's not something most trainers would recommend for a welterweight, Mayweather has the skills, ring intelligence and, most importantly, the reflexes to pile up points and ultimately cruise to clear-cut victories over slower but elite-level opponents.

But Manny's speed is comparable to Floyd's. Combine Pacquiao's quickness with his southpaw stance and multiple-punch combinations, and PacMan could certainly prove problematic for Mayweather.

In a "mythical" Mayweather vs Pacquiao" match-up, conventional wisdom says Pacquiao would be the aggressor in bursts and would unleash far more punches than Floyd.

If two of the three judges prefer a high activity rate and volume punching over crisp shots and precision, Floyd could quite easily lose.

Remember Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 3?

Pacquiao out-landed and outhustled Marquez yet JMM's counters were more eye-catching and appeared more flush and authoritative. 

In the end, the Mexican fell short on two of the three judges' scorecards. Although his shots were more crisp, they were too few and far between.


Marquez landed to good effect but simply wasn't offensive enough.

Is Buddy McGirt right? Does Floyd have to start "running numbers again?"

If Floyd adopts that strategy, he will put himself at greater risk of being clipped by the speedy Pacquiao's bombs; but he may have no other choice.

McGirt summarizes Mayweather vs Pacquiao below

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