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Mayweather vs Pacquiao prediction: Common opponent insists Manny needs KO

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Does WBO welterweight champion need to score a knockout to unseat WBC/WBA champion Floyd Mayweather on May 2?

Common opponent and PacMan's other big foe, Juan Manuel Marquez, thinks so.

The former multiple division champion, who insists he's been robbed multiple times in the ring, cautions Manny to be wary of Las Vegas judges - and Floyd's precision counters.

"For Pacquiao to win, he must knock him out - because the judges in Las Vegas are always in favor of Mayweather," predicts the future Hall of Famer in a recent Golpe a Golpe interview.

"Normally when Pacquiao is aggressive, he throws [recklessly], and in this respect he must change because Mayweather is a great counter-puncher and knows precisely what hurts Pacquiao."

"What hurts Pacquiao will be the counters and the defense of Mayweather, but he is dangerous for his speed and power."

"[Floyd Mayweather has] the style that hurts Pacquiao, and he should win by decision."

Marquez, who lost a lopsided decision to Floyd in 2009, fought Pacquiao four times and is 1-2-1 against the fight legend.

According to Marquez's prediction, Floyd will look to use his precision and ring guile to effectively time and counter the aggressive Pacquiao, just as Marquez did in 2012 when he knocked out the Filipino sensation with a single shot. As a result, the future Hall of Famer believes Manny must implement strategies predicated on "cautious aggression."

As for the judges, who knows which style they will favor? (See the importance of Mayweather vs Pacquiao judges)

However, Floyd called the shots in the negotiations process and is, whether deserved or unjust, the strong A-side. As a result, and according to boxing history, chances are he may have already secured a decision win IF the fight is anywhere near close.

Floyd may have an edge should Mayweather vs Pacquiao go the distance but if two of the three judges prefer Manny's style of fighting (volume punching and aggression), it would mitigate or eradicate any subconscious A-side favoritism Floyd may already have.


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