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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: 'Now, more than ever, is the time," claims Hall of Fame fight promoter

Joseph Herron Updated
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While most fight fans would agree this past Saturday night's WBC title bout between newly crowned champ Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne was an imperative step towards rejuvenating American interest in the often overlooked Heavyweight division, the entertaining scrap didn't create the kind of ripple effect most were predicting. Despite receiving rave reviews from die-hard boxing fans and fight scribes before and after the highly anticipated event, the Championship fight received little to no mention from most mainstream media outlets.

One specific member of the boxing community, Hall of Fame promoter J. Russell Peltz, noticed the critical trend, and consequently posted the following insightful commentary on his preferred social media page:

"I watched the Wilder-Stiverne fight last night and while it will not remind anybody of Marciano-Walcott or Holmes-Norton, it did produce America's first heavyweight champ--even for a small piece of the title--for the first time in a few years," stated the Philly based fight promoter and matchmaker on January 18th. "

But with all the hype about that, consider that the result was not even mentioned this morning on ESPN's Sports Reporters, not during their discussion or even during their Parting Shots."

"If boxing in this country is going to make a real comeback then now, more than ever, is the time for Mayweather-Pacquiao. No interim fights, nothing, just the big one. I am not saying that Mayweather-Pacquiao is the cure-all for the sport, but we need it more than ever. If Mayweather fights anyone else, even Cotto, it will be a major comedown. Imagine how we would feel if the winners of today's NFL playoff games refused to meet in the Super Bowl."

Although most discerning fight fans have grown weary of reading page after page of the now customary "Pacquiao vs. Mayweather" rhetoric on most pure boxing websites, the impact and importance of the demanded rivalry shouldn't be discounted.

To the dismay of most ardent boxing supporters, the proposed super fight is the only current match-up under the entire fistic umbrella that holds any kind of cultural significance among today's casual sports enthusiasts.

So like it or not, the future health of the Sweet Science in America perceivably rests on the shoulders of two pound for pound fighters in the eyes of most.

Hopefully, all parties involved understand the gravity of making such a historic match-up and finally give the recognized "fringe" pastime a fighting chance to survive in the competitive American sports market.


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