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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao negotiations allegedly hit May 2 snag

Joseph Herron Updated
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Although every avid fight fan is currently on pins and needles, awaiting the glorious announcement of a super fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, the proposed May 2nd date could hold up the already long overdue declaration a bit further.

According to a recent report from ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, all parties involved aren’t sold on the fight eventually taking place during the celebrated “Cinco de Mayo” weekend.

"As of yesterday afternoon, I heard the deal was pretty much done and everyone is ready to go,” claims the popular broadcast journalist. “Then I reached out to Floyd Mayweather Jr., who reiterated his denial and said that it’s not etched in stone yet. He said that they're close, but it's not done yet.”

“I’m hearing that the hold up is Mayweather himself, who has basically said he doesn’t want to hear all of this nonsense about the fight being staged later on…June, or whatever the case may be."

"Floyd wants the fight to take place on May 2. That’s what I’m hearing. He said, ‘Cinco de Mayo…I’m not budging from that date…get it done’.”

“When I reached out to Floyd yesterday, he flat out denied that the deal was done. That’s Mayweather’s position and he’s holding firm to that.”

If Stephen A. Smith’s report is indeed accurate, that the only remaining impediment standing in the way of a Mayweather/Pacquiao fight deal getting made is the proposed date of the event, boxing fans around the world should feel confident the highly clamored mega fight will indeed become a reality.

Pursuant to the same report from the ESPN personality, one side of the equation wants the bout to be moved to a later date, while Mayweather remains insistent on the May 2nd fight date.

“The belief was that if there was to be a fight on May 2, an announcement had to come by the week of the Super Bowl,” claims Smith. “And if the announcement didn’t come by Super Bowl week, then the date would have to be pushed back.”

“Mayweather is currently not of that belief."


"Floyd’s mentality is that if you’ve been sticking out your chest, talking about how bad you want me, let’s get it on in May. What’s the problem with May 2, no matter when the announcement happens?”

According to Stephen A. Smith, the good news is that he believes Floyd genuinely wants the fight to happen.

“All I care about is that Floyd is like…let’s get it on!! Let’s get it done!! He wants this fight. That, to me, is all I needed to know. Because if Floyd really wants this done, it’s going to get done.”




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