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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: More secret weapons and mind games?

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Many underestimate the power of mind games in boxing. 

One camp will say something to the media with the sole intent of misleading, confusing and/or worrying the opposition.

Hence, the camp's message was never intended for the fans nor was it to hype the bout, it was clearly meant to 'ruffle the feathers' of the opposition.


For example, two Orthodox fighters are preparing for a big fight. Someone from Camp A tells the media its fighter has mastered the southpaw stance and hints their man plans to switch between orthodox and southpaw in the upcoming fight. Upon learning of this, Camp B adds a few southpaw sparring partners to training camp thinking lefties will better prepare their man for Fighter A.

During the fight, however, Fighter A doesn't switch to a southpaw stance and never planned to. It was all a ruse to shift Fighter B's focus.

Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach, a master of mind games and trickery, insists he has a "secret weapon" in Manny Pacquiao's training camp.

Roach says a boxer, perhaps a disgruntled former Mayweather sparring partner, is living with him and offering advice on how to beat Floyd.

According to Roach, the fighter left Camp Mayweather on bad terms and is providing good information for Pacquiao & Co.

"And I have one that I’m gonna use in the last two weeks is one that used to work at Mayweather’s gym and was part of Mayweather’s camp," Roach recently told On the Ropes Radio.

"He does the style really well, he’s my secret weapon right now, he’s my secret weapon right now."

"He’s staying at my house, we talk about strategy all night long, we watch film all night long and he said that Mayweather had disrespected him and they kind of just threw him aside, so I took him on."

Does Trainer Roach really have a secret weapon from Camp Mayweather?

Maybe, and maybe not.

He might.

Who knows?  The fella may have been sent by Team Mayweather to spy on Manny's training, unbeknownst to Roach.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao... More secret weapons and mind games.

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