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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: It's time for Manny and Floyd to put up, or shut up

Joseph Herron Updated
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It's become commonplace within the world of boxing for opposing fighters to engage in a healthy and entertaining "war of words" to promote an upcoming fight or match-up.

Whether or not the perceived animosity is genuine or exaggerated, the bout begins to take on a life of its own and quickly becomes a mainstream event as a result of the often comedic and heated verbal sparring sessions.

(Main image courtesy of Round by Round Boxing)

But if the conflict doesn't ultimately reach it's conclusion in the squared circle, and the drama created by the publicized banter isn't fulfilled with a grand finale, fight fans are left with a sick, empty feeling of discontent.

Imagine someone ripping out the final pages of a gripping and suspense filled novel, into which you've invested several weeks of heartfelt emotion, and never finding out whether or not the hero was able to overcome the pain staking adversity that inescapably attracted your attention, or if the vile antagonist eventually received his well deserved comeuppance.

Unfortunately, this is the scenario that fight fans around the world have been forced to endure over the course of five grueling years.

Since 2009, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao have been virtually dangling the pugilistic carrot in front of our faces. But the harder and faster we collectively run towards the proverbial prize, the more it seems to escape reality.

The two fighters have ostensibly taunted and teased the boxing faithful by way of Twitter, Instagram, and various other media outlets by continuously trading insults and comments ad nauseam.

To put it bluntly, the fight fans are absolutely sick to death of sifting through the various articles which publicize this atrocity.

Last week, Floyd Mayweather Jr. posted this graphic, which featured images of Manny Pacquiao on the ring canvas:


"My new boxing DVD is coming soon and is called '3 Ways to Sleep: Back, Face and Butt and I'm Falling & I Can't Get Up'. Miss Pac Man is broke and desperate for a pay day. Your Pay-Per-View numbers are a joke." - Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The eight division world champion responded with an excerpt from the "Book of Matthew", Chapter 16, Verse 26, via "AFP News":

"I'm not affected by it. I pity him and I pray that someday he would change his ways. He should fear God. 'For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" - Manny Pacquiao

After reading of yet another round of verbal sparring between the two biggest stars of the sport, one must wonder why these two prizefighters insist on trading insults through the social media if they ultimately have no intention of facing each other?

Many insiders believe that a long overdue "Mayweather vs. Pacquiao" meeting will finally take place in 2015.

Because of lagging PPV numbers for the top two box office earners of the sport, as well as a hungry young Mexican Junior Middleweight who dares to be great and desperately wants to compete on "Cinco de Mayo" weekend, several boxing pundits are confident that an improbable merging will become a stark reality next year.

It's become the opinion of many within the boxing community that Mayweather and Pacquiao need each other at this stage in their respective careers to stay atop the boxing hierarchy.

Is this at long last why Floyd and Manny carried on with this perceived charade of insults for several painstaking years? Have the two biggest names of boxing purposely continued their banter to finally treat the fight fans with the ultimate payoff?

But would the idea that both fighters are merely contemplating a mega fight out of necessity diminish the splendor of the event in the eyes of the fight public?

Who cares. At least the real bosses of boxing, the die-hard and passionate fight fans, would finally receive a return on their emotional five-year investment.

Late is definitely better than never.


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