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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Is Justin Fortune working Pac-Man too hard at age 36?

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Last week it was reported that Manny Pacquiao had been suffering from severe leg cramps while training for the biggest fight of his career.

“There’s no magic cure for it,” said head trainer Freddie Roach to “Yahoo! Sports”. “We’re doing what we can do. I’ve got doctors working on it. There are some Filipino guys here who are massaging it for him. The cream they’re using cost $1,800 for a single bottle. I wasn’t too happy about that.”

Roach also stated within the same interview with fight scribe Kevin Iole, that in an effort to rid Pacquiao of shin splints, he and conditioning coach Justin Fortune no longer have Manny running hills as part of his training regimen.

Strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune insists the issue was blown out of proportion and all is well at “Camp Pacquiao”.

“Whenever something like this happens in camp, everyone freaks out and starts saying ‘Manny has leg cramps’…like it’s a serious problem. He’s an athlete. It’s going to happen.”

For precautionary purposes, doctors examined the eight division world champion and found nothing seriously wrong with the elite level fighter.

“We did a scan on his thighs and calves and it’s all good,” stated Freddie Roach. “There are no tears or injuries. He’s just having a little shin splints, but that’s the extent of it.”

Because of the magnitude of Pacquiao’s May 2 assignment, the former Heavyweight contender turned strength and conditioning coach did admit that he has been pushing Manny to the limit during the first month of this special training camp.

Is Coach Justin pushing the 36 year old fighter too hard?

Last night on FightSaga Radio, three decade fight trainer James Gogue stated that aches and pains are all part of a grueling training camp.

“Of course Manny is an older fighter, so you can’t train him like he’s 21 years old. His body isn‘t going to recover as quickly as it used to when he was a young man,” claims the experienced fight trainer."

“But Justin and Freddie are both world class boxing coaches and are well aware of how hard they can push their fighter. You’re not going to see Freddie spar Manny 150 to 200 rounds like he used to when he was younger, and you won’t see Justin Fortune working him like he’s still a kid either.”

“But in boxing, there’s no such thing as a perfect camp. If you do have a camp with no aches, pains, bumps, and bruises, there’s something wrong and it usually means your fighter isn’t working hard enough. So these minor issues are actually a positive sign that they’re doing the right things and taking this fight as seriously as they should.”

“This isn’t the first big fight for which Manny, Freddie, and Justin have had to prepare. They know what to do and they’ll be ready on May 2.”


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To listen to the entire interview with three decade fight trainer James Gogue on FightSaga Radio, please click on the attached link:  Will Manny Pacquiao's calf problems be a serious issue on May 2? (online radio)

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