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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Is Floyd genuinely worried about Manny on May 2?

Joseph Herron Updated
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Floyd Mayweather Jr. knows boxing.

If there’s any one point the Las Vegas resident’s detractors and supporters can both agree upon, it’s that the 38 year old pugilist is one of the best defensive fighters the sport has ever seen. Floyd’s athletic gifts, reflexes, and ring intelligence customarily give him a sizeable advantage leading into every prizefight. 

So much so, the Michigan born fighter will often boast about not having to view fight footage on any of his opponents before a prizefight. But that was before he had to face the only eight division world champion in the history of boxing, Manny Pacquiao.


In Floyd’s latest interview with Mlive.com, the pound for pound king of boxing eluded to the idea that he’s recently become familiar with the Pacman’s fight style and his tendencies in the ring.

“Pacquiao’s a solid competitor, but very reckless, and he makes a lot of mistakes,” stated Floyd Mayweather Jr. “I want to know what he does right, so I can take that away from him, so I can take that arsenal away from him. What I do when I’m facing a guy, whatever he does good, I take that away from him, so he has to resort to doing something different.”

On last night’s episode of “Real Boxing with Ronnie Shields” on FightSaga Radio, the elite level trainer stated that he was convinced Floyd had been uncharacteristically watching fight tape before his “Day of Reckoning” with the Filipino Congressman.

“Judging by his most recent comments, I would say that he’s definitely been watching video of his opponent before this fight,” stated Coach Ronnie Shields.

“I know he says he usually doesn’t watch footage of his opponents, but it sounds to me like he’s been studying his opponent on May 2. And he’d better be watching tape of Manny Pacquiao.”


Could Floyd’s latest pre-fight activity be interpreted as genuine concern? Is Mayweather worried about facing Manny Pacquiao on May 2?

The experienced fight trainer believes that Floyd simply wants to win at all costs and doesn’t want to leave anything to chance.

“Every fighter has tendencies in the ring, and every fighter makes mistakes during a fight. Manny is athletic enough that he usually can get away with the mistakes he makes throughout each fight.”

“Juan Manuel Marquez was smart enough to capitalize on some of the mistakes Manny makes in the ring, but it took him three tries to do it. Floyd Mayweather doesn’t have three tries. He’s got twelve rounds in which to take advantage of the bad habits and mistakes Manny makes on May 2.”

“This is why I’m convinced Floyd is studying Manny very carefully. This is how badly Mayweather wants to win this fight.”

But will eight weeks be enough time to study and overcome the underrated versatility of the Pacman?

“We’ll find out in about a month,” observes Coach Ronnie Shields.


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