Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Gag it and bag it

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Greetings to one and all and a very happy 2015 to the same.

Outwardly crack the knuckles and have a seat. One of the most interesting aspects over a potential (if even eventual) showdown between Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Manny Pacquiao is the fact that the internet has remained abuzz over a fight that's never been announced.

Many love to point to the April 2002 bout between Mayweather and Jose Luis Castillo as what could have been either the blueprint to defeat Floyd or even the still unbeaten champion's first defeat.

During that same weekend nearly thirteen years ago, Floyd was angered at then promoter Bob Arum over a particular sticking point.

According to "Pretty Boy" (as he was then known), Arum refused to pay to have the sides of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas closest to Tropicana Avenue adorned with a multi story tapestry bearing Floyd's likeness.


His knack for oneupmanship was already there but he had no dice in the matter, for the faux green walls had already gotten cozy with Britney Spears. She was set to play Vegas the following Memorial Day weekend.

The pop princess at the time was larger than life regardless of the fact that any and all musical voids and shortcomings were filled in by skimpiness in dress and technical dazzle.

So, let's take a skip forward now to 2015 and we'll find the same situation. Of course, it's a bit different now than it was back in '02. Manny Pacquiao was more Little Caesar than Augustus Caesar, as was Mayweather. Even now though, if you ask him about a bout with the Pac Man, then it's still Arum's fault. At whom should we direct our anger?

Should we be less satisfied with the advancement of technology?

If we chose to buy into the second installment of the "Back to the Future" series back in 1989, then maybe we're more disappointed now that we don't have hovering skateboards or self adjusting Nike hi-top's. 

As a consolation, we can simply look to 2015 as yet another year that Floyd and Manny get no closer to fighting than we get to making our next trip to the supermarket in a flying DeLorean.

back to the future   flying delorean by sebinodraw-d5crso0

Sounds campy and ridiculous, doesn't it? Perhaps so, yet it's no more far fetched or delusional than the dribble and drabble that infests the web these days.

Editorials and blogs aside, please give it a rest. Don't call it a story if all you've done is slap your name across a pageful of quotes.

Sit and wait just like the rest of us. May 2, 2015 at this point is now less than four months away. It's difficult to envision an announcement, a press tour and all the logistics to fall into place for a bout that has sadly become the preface to just about any boxing discussion amongst sports fans.

There's so much more to the Sweet Science as fans as well as participants. Save it for another day.


Main pic courtesy of UrbanUNleashed
Back to Future courtesy of SeBiNoDraw
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