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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Floyd, is that you jubilantly cheering for Manny in 2006?

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Has Marv Dumon, a writer for International Sports Examiner, made a priceless find?

In a recent article, Mayweather was a fan of Pacquiao in 2006 Morales fight, Dumon attached a fuzzy image and cloudy video where a young man bearing a resemblance to Floyd Mayweather can be seen in the backdrop, apparently cheering on his future rival during Pacquiao vs Morales 2 in January 1996.

Is it really Floyd?

By examining the figure alone, via images and video, it's not conclusive so FightSaga launched its own mini-investigation.

Result: Although it cannot be proven in the court of law, there's a 90 percent chance the young man in the crowd cheering for Manny is Floyd Mayweather.


Pacquiao vs Morales 2 was held in Las Vegas, minutes away from Floyd's home.

Big deal, right?

A lot of high-profile bouts take place in Vegas.

... But the mystery man in the photo wasn't bald. Well, Floyd sported hair in 2006.

What may have given Floyd away is the big fella seated next to the mystery man in a light-colored suit and shades who bears a striking resemblance to Floyd's friend and confidant, Leonard Ellerbe, who travels with Mayweather and often accompanies him to boxing and business-related events.

Moreover, Leonard has often been photographed sporting a similar look... As has Floyd.


And perhaps not so coincidentally, Floyd, pictured (left) at a 2006 Mayweather vs Baldomir presser, looks to be sporting a dark blazer and off-beige dress shirt, not unlike the mysterious, apparent Pacquiao fan sitting in high-priced seats at Manny vs Morales 2. 


floyd ellerbeagain

Although Mayweather was a welterweight back then, Manny was just a super featherweight. Who would have thought they would be engaging in a superfight with one another let alone become arch rivals.

Obviously, Floyd had no idea back then he and Manny would cross paths. However, it seems Floyd may have been a fan and "may" have, as a pure spectator, seized at least one opportunity to observe Manny up close.

Great discovery, Marv.


In the video below, you will see the mystery man (perhaps Floyd) cheering on Manny at the 5 minute mark.


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