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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Does viral video support Pac-Man's claim? (Video)

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Earlier this week, fight legend Manny Pacquiao still insisted he deserved the nod in his unanimous decision loss to Floyd Mayweather on May 2.

"I watched the fight several times. I scored it and I believe I won by two points against Mayweather. But we have to accept the decision," a disappointed Pacquiao told reporters in Manila.

But those in the boxing media who expressed outrage after Pacquiao lost a split decision to Tim Bradley in 2012 are not defending him in droves this time. Actually, few have come forward to argue the Mayweather vs Pacquiao verdict.

Did Manny, who entered the bout with a serious right shoulder injury, deserve to win a close decision or be awarded a draw?

After Manny's first bout with Bradley, a viral video containing fight highlights and corresponding commentary was released that detailed numerous pro Pacquiao flubs made by HBO's commentators, leaving some fans to second-guess the competence and/or impartiality of fight analysts as well as the "robbery" that allegedly took place that evening.

And after further examination and repeated views, Pacquiao vs Bradley I was, in fact, closer than many of us realized. Nevertheless, the high majority of fight media still believed Manny had done enough to win while some changed their minds and favored Bradley while others subsequently scored it a draw.

FightSaga published an article containing that video and, while not pardoning the official scores, seriously questioned Pacquiao's supposed 'utter and thorough dominance' of Bradley in their first fight.

So, in all fairness, we've found a video containing segments from Mayweather vs Pacquiao that was likely created by someone defending her/his belief that Pacquiao should have been awarded the decision.

The creator asserts Manny landed more shots than Floyd and his/her argument is far from unrealistic. However, although clear and accurate punching is the most important element for scoring a fight, other criteria is also taken into consideration such as punch impactfulness, effective aggression, defense and ring generalship.

So perhaps the question of whether Manny landed more shots is mute because ring generalship, defense, and, perhaps, the more consequential, eye-catching shots were seemingly in Floyd's favor? 

Having watched the fight several times, Mayweather vs Pacquiao was closer than most are saying. Floyd certainly didn't win easily and Manny's assertion isn't as unreasonable as many believe.

If fact, most fighters, having performed as Manny did that evening, would probably be saying the same thing.

Some on YouTube who say they previously agreed with the Mayweather vs Pacquiao decision have now changed their minds after watching the video, insisting Pacquiao was not given full credit for the punches he landed.

Did Pacquiao deserve to win?

And if Manny did, in fact, out-land Floyd, was the margin wide enough to overcome Mayweather's obvious superiority in the areas of defense and ring generalship?  Or maybe Pacquiao's effective aggression combined with his presumed edge in shots landed should have been enough to award him the fight, or at least a draw?

Regardless of any debate that arises, the biggest questions cannot be answered: How much was Pacquiao impacted by the injury and would the fight have been any different had Manny entered the ring without a torn rotator cuff?

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