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'Mayweather vs. Pacquiao' brings much needed 'mojo' back to boxing

Joseph Herron Updated
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Within a matter of days, the excruciating five-year wait may finally be over. 

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum recently stated to various media outlets that the almost "Paul Bunyan" like match-up, "Mayweather vs. Pacquiao", is very close to becoming a reality.

"The issues are being narrowed down to extraordinarily small points," stated the 83 year old CEO of Top Rank, Inc. I'm optimistic it will all be put together in the next couple of days."

It's also currently being rumored that the super-fight between the two most widely recognized figures of the sport could be announced on Super Bowl Sunday, which would only be fitting for a prizefight that has been elevated to such a lofty, and quasi-mythical stature. During an event which has been deemed by the masses as an unofficial American holiday, the NFL spectacle would be the ideal platform to finally declare the dawning of what many are referring to as the "Super Bowl" of boxing.

The long awaited announcement will not only be significant to those die-hard fight fans who have unconditionally continued to support the sweet science when their pastime of choice was largely thought to have become a "dead sport", but the declaration will be especially notable to those who long ago stopped recognizing the "aura of greatness" that once shrouded boxing's premier events, like Ali/Frazier, Leonard/Hearns, and Holyfield/Tyson.

The big fights used to be customarily viewed as something of legend by most mainstream and casual sports fans.

So like it or not, the proclamation of "Mayweather vs. Pacquiao" will officially mark the return of a presence that has been missing from the battle tested sport for quite some time...the perception of significance.

Many supposed ring experts will lose sight of what's truly monumental about the anticipated mega-fight, and publicly denounce the "special" event, stating that the clamored match-up is "five years too late", or that "there are better stylistic or more fan-friendly bouts" currently flying under the radar on the boxing calendar.

The self-appointed, gurus of the sport, who too frequently allow their egos to hinder their respective vision of the bigger picture, will most certainly buy into the misconception that their outspoken negativity concerning the May 2nd event ultimately makes them a "better" and more informed fight fan.

Longstanding boxing pundits shouldn't lose sight of why this bout is so important.

For years, the die-hard boxing community has understood how special the prizefighters are, with most of their efforts going largely unnoticed by casual observers and mainstream media outlets. The singular PPV event should finally bring some much needed attention to every fighter's respective endeavor in 2015...not just the two fighters involved in the May 2nd headliner.

For that simple reason, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao should be celebrated by all, because boxing's "mojo" may have irrevocably returned.

Thank you Mr. Mayweather and Mr. Pacquiao...it's about time!! The mainstream awareness is long overdue.


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