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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Boxing rebounds from disappointment, sort of

Lee Cleveland Updated
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History was made as fight legends Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, boxing's best, finally faced each other in the ring earlier this month.

And in the end, Floyd Mayweather's hand would be raised in a fight many consider a disaster.

As of May 19, over 30 lawsuits were filed following Pacquiao's confession he entered the bout with a serious injury.

But perhaps there's an underlying reason for the lawsuits? Forget about Manny's injury; the public was expecting Ali vs Frazier and Mayweather vs Pacquiao fell well short of delivering.


Floyd was savvy and showcased great skills and speed. What we witnessed was undoubtedly very special. However, the viewing public, predominantly non-fans and casual followers of boxing whose knowledge of the Sweet Science is limited, was not impressed with Mayweather's highly-defensive, safety- first style and, as a result, found the fight utterly disappointing.

And while the masses continue to criticize the sport, has boxing bounced back in the subsequent weeks?

Over 2.2 million viewed Canelo Alvarez's win over James Kirkland on May 9 on HBO and nearly 1.3 million saw Gennady Golvkin stop Willie Monroe on the same network last Saturday.

In addition, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin were among the top three trendiest searches in Google US on their respective fight days.

To outperform NBA and NHL teams in internet search trends during basketball and hockey playoffs is quite an accomplishment.

Nevertheless, it may take some time for boxing, perception-wise, to rebound in the mainstream.

"I was in Houston for the Canelo fight and ... I've never seen so many happy people," insisted six-decade matchmaker Don Chargin on FightSaga Radio last night.

"Everybody was satisfied. You had two warriors that gave everything they could."

"And you saw the reaction with Triple G the other night. People were happy and they got their monies worth and will be boxing fans for a long time."

“Already, a big majority of fans are starting to forget it [Mayweather vs Pacquiao].”

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