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Mayweather vs Pacquiao booked for May 2, says BoxRec

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(The image above is a screenshot of Floyd Mayweather's profile on BoxRec.com an hour ago; 10:30pm NYC Time)

BoxRec.com, which is regarded as one of the most trusted and reliable sources in the industry, lists Mayweather vs Pacquiao for May 2nd.

Floyd Mayweather is listed as Manny Pacquiao's next fight and Manny Pacquiao is listed as Floyd Mayweather's next fight.

Can this be true?

Yesterday, FightSaga reported negotiations for Mayweather vs Pacquiao were underway and that both camps were cautiously optimistic a deal would be signed and announced within the next several weeks.

In a recent interview with RingTV.com, longtime Pacquiao advisor Michael Koncz confirmed both teams are indeed negotiating the terms for a massive event.

Is Mayweather vs Pacquiao a done deal?


And is this why Floyd was sporting the Mexican colors last night? (Cinco de Mayo, May 2)

BoxRec or boxrec.com is a website dedicated to holding updated records of professional boxers, both male and female.

The objective of the site is to document every professional boxer and boxing match from the instigation of the Queensberry Rules up to the present times. BoxRec publishes ratings for all active boxers and all time ratings.

BoxRec is updated by volunteer editors from many countries around the world. Each editor is assigned a country or in some instances, regions within countries and they maintain the records for boxers in that country or region. BoxRec also rates each active fighter by weight division using a computerised algorythm.

How esteemed is BoxRec, the source?

"Anyone in boxing who says he doesn’t use Boxrec is either a complete imbecile or lying."

- Lou DiBella, promoter

"It’s an incredible tool for everyone in boxing. I use it all the time. We all do. You have to use it."

- Cameron Dunkin, honored by the Boxing Writers Association of America as the 2007 “manager of the year”

"I use it every day, many times a day, for every reason imaginable. It’s the quickest cheapest easiest way to find out what I need to know."

- Carl Moretti, former matchmaker for Main Events and current DiBella Entertainment vice president for boxing operations

Several of us at FightSaga saw this firsthand, and on both fighters' pages.

saw it

Other sources are reporting this too.

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