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Mayweather vs Pacquiao and the A-side: What does Google Trends say?

Lee Cleveland Updated
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So who is the real A-side for the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao superfight?

And what is an A-side fighter anyway?

The A-side fighter is the participant who generates more interest than his opponent. He usually earns more money than his foe but is not always the champion.

He is not always the favorite nor is he necessarily the more skilled or accomplished of the two fighters.

Also, the A-side fighter isn't always the guy most fans cheer for. For instance, in both Tyson vs Holyfield matches, those in attendance overwhelmingly supported the B-side fighter, Evander.

The A-side fighter is simply responsible for generating more of the income and fanfare for a bout and, according to boxing history, tends to almost always win the close ones... as well as some bouts the majority believe were undeserved.

Moreover, an A-side fighter's team usually has more leverage when choosing the date, venue, size and type of glove and the ring size.

A-side fighter examples:


Manny Pacquiao vs Tim Bradley I (2012) and George Foreman vs Shannon Briggs (1997) serve as two extremely rare occasions in boxing when the A-side fighter landed on the short end of what most considered a poor decision. If an unpopular decision is rendered, rest-assured the A-side fighter, or person responsible for garnering more of the attention, will win at least 9 of 10 times.

There are rare occasions in boxing where both fighters are considered A-side because their respective drawing power is considered equal. 

Should Floyd Mayweather be the A-side for his upcoming fight with Manny Pacquiao? Or should they have been treated as relative equals?

According to Google Trends, it was Floyd's name that spiked higher last week.

After the announcement was made, the query "Floyd Mayweather" trended to elite search levels in the following countries:

Country / Position / Day

  • United States/ No.1 / Feb 20
  • Australia/ No. 6 / Feb 21
  • Canada/ No. 2/ Feb 20
  • Mexico/ No. 1/ Feb 20
  • United Kingdom/ No.1/ Feb 21

Manny Pacquiao's name only trended high in his native Philippines but even there Mayweather's name appeared in the nation's trendiest search for February, 21, "Pacquiao vs Mayweather."

Does Google Trends reveal Floyd's status in this bout as the true A-side?

... Or were people querying him more because the public believed the onus was on him to sign?


Perhaps we don't have definitive answers but Google Trends tells us people outside the Philippines chose to look-up Floyd's name instead of Manny's or "Pacquiao vs Mayweather."

So why is that important?

Whether fair on unfair, hero or villain, Floyd Mayweather is garnering more attention. He seemingly hijacked negotiations early on and may have already put two or three rounds 'in the bank' by muscling himself into what clearly and historically appears to be a strong A-side position.


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