Mayweather vs. Pacquiao 2015: Hold your fire

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As most boxing fans have already recognized, TMZ Sports’ Friday announcement that the perceived fight of the century, Mayweather vs Pacquao 2015, in their words, “a done deal,” was merely a false alarm.

While it’s completely understandable to want to “break the news” of the biggest match-up in the sport materializing, periodicals, as well as fight fans, should realize that a “watched pot never seems to boil”…especially when Floyd Joy Sinclair is involved.

The train doesn’t start rolling down the tracks until the biggest name in boxing starts the engine…not before. He’s the conductor and the engineer.

Like it or not, Floyd is the boss.

The fans decided this long ago.

A personality’s clout within any field of entertainment is and always has been determined by his or her respective market value. If the demand is there, the money and power will be as well. So fans shouldn’t hate the player…but they really shouldn’t hate the game either.

It’s the way the business of boxing has always been run.

Manny Pacquiao, as well as his promoter Bob Arum, found out the hard way that in order to play ball with the world’s highest paid athlete, “Money” May has to be allowed to inflate them to his desired pressure.

There’s no commission in the world that would be able or willing to monitor this boxing franchise’s “equipment manager”.

And there are no media members currently covering the sport who have the respected voice to call out “inflate gate”.

Floyd is going to use every bit of his influence within the boxing community to gain any and every advantage if he absolutely has to face another first ballot Hall of Famer and a genuine force in the business like Manny Pacquiao.

While there are several details that still need to be negotiated and agreed to by all parties involved, these seemingly “minor” and “tedious” items may eventually have a huge affect on the actual prizefight, in terms of public perception.

Although the projected super fight, Mayweather vs Pacquiao, lies several pages within the 2015 fight calendar, the battle between “Floyd vs. Manny” has already begun.

This is why boxing fans won’t see a massive press tour involving both fighters. Although it would be an ambitious effort and beneficial to a promotion with a PPV price tag of $100, Floyd doesn’t want to be reminded of how many casual and mainstream boxing fans will be supporting the Filipino Congressman on May 2.

In his mind, and the minds of his entire legion of fans, Floyd is the alpha-male. Floyd has been very adamant in reminding the boxing nation ad nauseam that he is indeed the “A-side” of this promotion. Despite being an integral part of the biggest event the sport has ever seen, as well as an essential partner in this business endeavor, Manny Pacquiao has been asked to participate as a mere bystander.

Mayweather wants everyone to “know” that he and his May 2 adversary aren’t equals in this venture…not even close.

“Money” May hopes the world will buy into the idea that Manny Pacquiao won’t be able to win the eventual prizefight by barely inching out a close rounds decision on the judges’ scorecards. Floyd has already begun creating the perception that the Pacman will have beat him from pillar to post to capture his coveted distinction of pound for pound king.

This is why you won’t hear a popular site like “TMZ Sports” break the news that the super fight has been made official.

The world won’t know until Floyd wants us to know. Mayweather is the landlord, while the rest of us are merely paying rent.

But just as the fight fans have created this mandate for the two top earners in boxing to meet on May 2, those same fans are solely responsible for putting the soon to be 38 year old superstar in this powerful position.

He’s merely taking advantage of what the boxing community has given him.

So don’t hate the player, and don’t hate the game…the fans made it this way.


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