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Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2015: Fighters' ailments in camp have been greatly exaggerated,” insists expert trainer

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During an extensive and rigorous training camp, a fighter will often suffer bumps, bruises, minor injuries, and various aches and pains for his efforts in the gym. According to most prizefighters and trainers, the minor ailments come with the territory.

Over the last several weeks, numerous media outlets have been publishing reports of ongoing calf and muscle issues from which Manny Pacquiao has continuously suffered during his training camp at the Wildcard Gym in Hollywood, California.

But the residual effects of a hard camp haven’t been exclusive to the Pacman.

Most recently, it was leaked by reporter David Mayo of Mlive.com that Mayweather Jr. indeed suffered a split lip while sparring and was experiencing a great deal of difficulty with enduring hand injuries.

And while many media outlets have assumed the worst, questioning whether or not both aging fighters would be able to compete on May 2, three decade fight trainer James Gogue insists fight fans have nothing to worry about.

“Minor injuries like this are normal during camp,” stated the experienced boxing coach last week on FightSaga Radio.

“Reporters and fans are blowing all of this way out of proportion. If Manny or Floyd wasn’t experiencing any discomfort after their respective workouts in camp, then I would be worried. It just means that they’re working as hard as they possibly can to put forth a great performance on May 2.”

“Very seldom does a fighter head into a fight feeling 100%. There’s always some minor physical ailment nagging at him before the actual event. This is normal. A fighter is going to experience a certain amount of wear and tear in the gym. It comes with the territory.”

Fight fans and boxing scribes obviously recognize the damage a fighter takes during a prizefight with small gloves and no head gear, but most don’t consider how abrasive a grueling training camp can be.

According to the expert trainer, boxers actually look forward to competing on fight night. That’s when the fun begins.

“Most fighters have the mentality that they get paid to train,” claims James Gogue. “Because that’s the hardest part. The fun part is when a fighter gets to compete under the bright lights and perform for the crowd. They hear the ring announcer and see the television cameras. That’s fun for them.”

“There’s no gratification like that in camp. Preparing for a fighter like Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather has to be agonizing. They both know at this level, there’s very little margin for error. So fans shouldn’t get excited if either man is suffering from minor aches and pains. It’s in their job description.”

“Maybe fans should think about this when they feel like complaining about the price of the PPV on May 2.”


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