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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Freddie Roach thinks it can happen

Lee Cleveland Updated
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"I don't think it's dead in the water. I think it can happen," insisted hall of fame trainer Freddie Roach when asked of the likelihood of a superfight between boxing legends Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Last week Behind the Gloves caught up with the legendary trainer who offered some poignant comments about the possibility of a Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao bout.

(The interview in its entirety is below)

"Don King and Bob [Arum] hated each other but they still did business together," noted the insightful trainer.

Nevertheless, some assert Floyd Mayweather and Golden Boy Promotions will not cooperate unless Manny's promoter, Bob Arum, is completely out of the picture.

Last February, Mayweather garnered international headlines when he announced his departure from long-time partner HBO in lieu of a new deal with its biggest competitor, Showtime/CBS. The six-fight contract was perhaps the “richest individual athlete deal in all of sports.” 

There is tremendous pressure on Floyd from the network to produce big numbers so it would be almost inconceivable to think Manny Pacquiao, so long as he's still highly marketable, is not a significant part of that equation.

"If Showtime pays Bob a lot of money, Bob might let him [Manny Pacquiao] go for a fight. Its happened before," added Roach.

But Showtime/CBS apparently has other ideas and would rather wait for Pacquiao's contract with Bob Arum to expire than pay the latter 'step aside' money.

Perhaps that is why Floyd Mayweather continues to taunt Manny today?

There's a good chance he wants to keep the animosity between them simmering to ensure public interest doesn't erode.  

He'd be foolish to continue to antagonize a fighter he refuses to face,

Pacquiao's contract with Arum ends in December. So long as both fighters are still highly marketable, look for Manny to sign a one or two fight deal with Golden Boy Promotions and for Mayweather vs Pacquiao to be announced soon thereafter.

Today, all parties, Mayweather, Golden Boy and perhaps even Pacquiao, would earn more money from that superfight with Arum out of the picture. However, if either or both fighters lose in 2014, that certainly may not be the case in 2015.

Floyd, Showtime/CBS and Golden Boy are taking a gamble by waiting because a fighter's stock, regardless of who it is, can crumble terribly from a single punch.

Let's hope Floyd and Manny win their bouts in 2014 and are still on top by the year's close.


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