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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Why was Floyd wearing Filipino colors at media workout?

Joseph Herron Updated
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At yesterday’s highly anticipated media workout, the grand diva of boxing showed up at the Mayweather Boxing Club fashionably late…two hours tardy, to be exact. Upon making his long awaited entrance to his renowned training facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, the pound for pound king casually strolled into a sea of several hundred media members, donning the colors of the Philippines; red, blue, and yellow.

Although Floyd was also wearing a cap with a red, white and blue, TMT logo, the message he was sending with his printed “Filipino” shirt was a bit ambiguous.

Was he paying homage to the passionate and supportive fans of the Philippines, or was he silently stating that he would make Manny Pacquiao’s die-hard legion of fans convert their unflinching allegiance over to the “dark-side” after the dust inevitably settled on May 2?

From a historical perspective, “Money May” has a unique way of earning the respect of fight fans around the world after putting on impressive performances in the ring.

After becoming the first man to stop former Junior Welterweight champion Rick “The Hitman” Hatton in 2007, the always fervent fight fans of the British Isles put aside their customary disdain for the often abrasive Mayweather Jr. and began supporting the pound for pound fighter in his subsequent endeavors.

Upon schooling legendary Mexican fighter Juan Manuel Marquez in 2009, many great Hispanic fans of boxing adopted a new found respect for the undefeated fighter and began supporting his future Hall of Fame career as a result.

If successful against Manny Pacquiao in less than three weeks, will the Filipino faithful begin to view boxing’s consummate villain in a whole new light?

Don’t count on it.

What makes this May 2 event so intriguing and newsworthy on a mainstream level is how resolute Pacquiao’s legion of supporters have been leading into the historic match-up. It’s the genuine, collective opinion of Pacman nation that Mayweather is the epitome of evil.

It’s the unscripted drama of “the protagonist versus the antagonist” that has been enthusiastically driving this promotion. The hopes of Pacquiao’s global fan base are solely dependent on the success of their hero.

Will Manny finally hand boxing’s “bad guy” his long overdue comeuppance on May 2?

Boxing’s only eight division world champion believes so. When recently asked what the headlines will read on May 3, the always humble protagonist offered a resolute response.

“The Lord’s name will be glorified,” stated Manny Pacquiao.

That says it all.

The story will reach its dramatic conclusion on May 2!!

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