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Mayweather vs McGregor: Who's the bigger puncher?

Joseph Herron Updated
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Although most sane sports fans understand why former pound for pound king Floyd Money Mayweather is deservedly the favorite leading into his "final" professional outing opposite MMA superstar Conor McGregor at the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 26, many interested bystanders seem to believe that the UFC celebrity will have a genuine "puncher's chance" against the best defensive fighter of boxing's modern era, being the naturally bigger and stronger athlete.

According to experienced boxing analyst Max Kellerman, those fans would be wrong and Conor should not be recognized as the puncher within the highly anticipated and controversial pairing.

"You know who eight ounce gloves favor? Mayweather...you know why? He's actually the puncher in this match-up," Max recently stated on ESPN's First Take.

"The smaller the gloves, and the less padding they have, the more it favors the puncher...advantage Floyd. Look, Mayweather hits hard enough to keep fighters like Manny Pacquiao and Canelo Alvarez honest...he hits his opponents with sharp, precise punches that they don't see coming."

"He can and will hurt Conor McGregor often in this fight...whenever he wants to in fact."

Many MMA fans and sympathizers seem to believe that Conor can and will hand Floyd his first professional loss by way of knock-out if he catches the undefeated boxing enigma with one signature, hard left hand. Kellerman warns all potential buyers of this PPV event not to get your hopes up.

"McGregor is never going to catch Floyd Mayweather, so it's a moot point and an inconceivable hypothetical scenario. Floyd is one of the best pure boxers of all time...there's no shot at it. So even if they fought bare-fisted, Floyd would have the advantage. If they fought with eight ounce gloves, advantage Mayweather. Ten ounce gloves, advantage Floyd. Smaller ring...favors Floyd. Larger ring...favors Floyd. If they fought on the moon in a boxing ring, advantage Floyd. In any scenario within the rules of boxing, advantage Mayweather."

"I don't think McGregor will land a single punch, let alone win a round...let alone have a chance to win the fight on August 26."

Certainly "Mad Max" isn't implying that Floyd Mayweather is super-human and isn't physically capable of going to sleep when hit flush on the chin...or is he?

Kellerman clarified his statement on the popular ESPN talk-show.

"Of course if Floyd stood there and let Conor hit him, McGregor would knock him out. My point is, McGregor has a zero percent chance of hitting Floyd cleanly anywhere...especially on the chin. It will not happen."

But what if Conor were able to land a "lucky punch" on the defensive master? Obviously there's a chance of that happening when both men square off in less than three weeks...isn't there?

"Do you know what Sugar Ray Leonard said about someone landing a lucky punch at this level? There's no such thing as a lucky punch when you're talking about competing against an elite fighter," stated the New York based sports commentator "It just doesn't land against fighters at Floyd's level."

"It boils down to this...no matter what McGregor does within the rules of boxing, he cannot beat Floyd. He won't even be able to compete with Floyd. By the second round, Floyd will be talking to the broadcasters at ringside as he does whatever he wants. Conor has no chance against Floyd in a boxing ring. This is an exhibition at best pitting a chess master against an amateur."

Will Max be proven correct on August 26? Or will Kellerman eat crow on ESPN's First Take the following Monday morning? Will the disparity of levels in this match-up affect PPV sales?


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