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Mayweather vs. McGregor prediction: 'PPV Buys will exceed record of 4.4 million'

Joseph Herron Updated
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This past weekend, Showtime Sports gave the die-hard boxing fans in the United States a real treat by broadcasting the elite level Welterweight match-up that was "Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence Jr.", live from the Bramall lane Football Grounds in Sheffield, England.

And with the recent live presentation of the critical and commercial hit that was "Joshua vs. Klitschko" on April 28 in London, England,  boxing fans currently seem to be enamored with Showtime's efforts in bringing them great, global match-ups and events, regardless of location and time.

Would a Showtime presentation of Mayweather vs. McGregor later this year sour the current love affair between the network and boxing fans, and break the current momentum presently enjoyed by the premium cable channel?

Although most knowledgeable fight fans scoff at the mere mention of a proposed pairing between future Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC cash cow Conor McGregor, it was recently announced by Executive Vice President of Showtime Sports programming Stephen Espinoza that the premium cable network would indeed be broadcasting the clamored mainstream match-up, should both camps (Mayweather and McGregor/UFC) strike a favorable deal.

"Showtime will be involved," states the former head counsel for Golden Boy Promotions.  "We've had the conversation with Mayweather...we're a team.  We've supported him and he supports the network.  We know the formula in making this a magical event.  The details in how the fight gets distributed, broadcast, and produced still need to be negotiated, but we will be involved."

Espinoza insists there is still a long way to go before both all parties involved reach an amicable accord. 

"It took a while for UFC to come to an agreement with Conor just to allow him to participate in an event like this.  That's a big step, but now the real negotiations begin."

Will it be difficult for Mayweather Promotions to find an "acceptable" middle ground with the UFC/Conor McGregor side?

"There are a lot of issues that have to be discussed to make this event a reality," Stephen Espinoza recently said to FightHype.com.  "Everything from rules to financial splits...every conceivable detail.  So there is still a long way to go, but there is one less thing that is an obstacle now...and that was a very big thing."
"I think the overall deal will get made very quickly."

So how big exactly would Mayweather vs. McGregor be, should the event take place later this year?  With the highly anticipated Canelo vs. GGG event already slated to air on HBO PPV in September, would a May/Mac presentation reach and exceed the Mayweather/Pacquiao record of 4.4 million PPV purchases set in May of 2015?

Leading into the May/Pac event, there was a lot of intrigue among fight fans, die-hards and casuals alike, as to who would come out on top.  With Mayweather vs. MgGregor, most seem to understand that the match-up would inevitably play out to be a one-sided domination by Money May.  The consensus seems to be that Floyd would merely toy and embarrass Conor in a boxing ring under the rules and regulations of the sweet science.

So why and how exactly would numbers exceed that of May/Pac? 

Espinoza explains his theory.

"When we completed 'Mayweather/Pacquiao', we said we would never see another event of that scale and level of financial success ever again," revealed the General Manager of ShoSports.  "I could be wrong...this one may be even bigger, because you would be bringing in two separate fan bases, boxing and MMA."

"Yes, some of the fan bases do overlap, but there is a large percentage of both crowds that stay loyal to their favorite form of combat sports. You could potentially surpass May/Pac numbers if you combine the two fan bases. I truly believe this."
Will we see this suggested match-up eventually come to fruition on Showtime PPV?

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