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Mayweather vs McGregor prediction: 'A body shot KO'

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With less than two weeks to go until the highly publicized Mayweather/McGregor "exhibition", many fans and interested observers are starting to wonder if a 40 year old Money May can be effective against a 27 year old, driven and confident Conor Mac.  

After sparring footage between Conor and former two division boxing world champion Paulie Malignaggi was released last week, boatloads of money began spilling into numerous betting sites and casino gambling cages in favor of the popular Irish fighter, consequently pushing odds to a surprising 3 to 1 on many sports books. 

While many casual and mainstream sports fans are starting to feel Conor McGregor upset fever, retired prizefighter and skilled boxing technician "2 Pound" Steve Forbes reminds every extended member of "The Money Team" that they have absolutely nothing to worry about on August 26.  After viewing the controversial sparring footage, the 40 year old former fighter stated that squaring off against Showtime's expert ringside analyst with headgear and 16 ounce gloves is going to be a very different experience from seeing the self-proclaimed "TBE" in the opposite corner on fight night. 

"Floyd is a totally different animal," Mayweather's long time friend and sparring partner recently stated to FightHype.com.  "Floyd is a freakin' machine, man.  I've sparred hundreds of rounds with him, and he's the only guy where I was like, 'man, what is he going to do today'.  And we've been going like back and forth since we were teenagers."

The 18 year fight veteran truly believes that Conor will be in a genuine state of shock when he feels the sting of Mayweather's deceptively sharp, crisp and accurate punches. According to Forbes, Floyd's shots to the body and head leave a surprisingly long lasting impression...even compared to other revered punchers of the sport. 

"Manny Pacquiao?  Nope.  Canelo Alvarez?  Nope.  Floyd's different.  His punches are like a knife...he's sharp," claims the knowledgeable former boxer.   "He's the only guy that I've ever sparred with where I've felt hurt.  He hit me with some good body punches, and I genuinely felt them."

But what about the height, reach and weight advantage of the popular UFC combatant?  Will Floyd be able to effectively deal with the apparent physical adversities on August 26?

"They talk about the weight and the size...I've seen Floyd stop bigger guys in the gym," states Steve Forbes.  "I've known Floyd since we were teenagers, and he's always boxed bigger guys...because his dad wanted to make him tough.  So I don't think the size difference is going to be a problem."

And although many seem to think the proposed 8 ounce glove inquiry favors the younger, bigger man in the ring, the recently retired boxing technician asks fans and critics why Mayweather is all for using the smaller mitts? 

"That tells me Floyd is looking for a knock-out.  He wants to knock him out.  I think if Conor goes the distance, Floyd will be upset about it.  He not only has that Championship ego, but he also has that 'want to be great' ego. Regardless of what's being said before the fight, Floyd wants to knock him out...he wants to make him quit."


Mayweather vs McGregor
Date: Saturday, August 26
Venue: T-Mobile Arena
Location: Las Vegas
Broadcast: PPV

Division: Jr Middleweight (154 lb limit)
Titles: None

When asked for a final prediction on the eventual outcome of Mayweather/McGregor, Forbes anticipated an early night for both men.

"I don't think it's going to go past three or four rounds, and I think Floyd is going to stop him with a body shot to be honest.  A lot of people talk about Conor being used to getting kicks to the body, but it's totally different.  When you have a guy who's sharp, hitting you to the body with accurate punches that you don't see coming, it's debilitating."
Is former prizefighter Steve Forbes underestimating Conor McGregor's chances for a shocking upset victory, or does he truly know the real Floyd "Money" Mayweather?  Fight fans and interested observers will ultimately find out on August 26

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