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Mayweather vs McGregor odds: Explosive betting lines for outcome, PPV buys, fouls and more (Aug 9)

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With the Mayweather/McGregor "exhibition" rapidly approaching on the August fight calendar, big money is beginning to hit the betting lines for the controversial match-up. Although the majority of the money is falling on Floyd "Money" Mayweather, according to most handicappers and bookies, most betting slips are being filled out to reflect a McGregor victory, which makes perfect sense.

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In order for anyone to win a cash prize on a straight up victory for Floyd, one would have to wager a boat-load of money, due to the fact that the self-proclaimed TBE is currently sitting at a very comfortable (-611) or just above a recognized 6 to 1 betting favorite. So logically, most receipts are being returned to the fight betting public reflecting a win for Conor.

Mayweather vs McGregor odds for outcome

Despite making his professional boxing debut on August 26, against one of the best defensive fighters of all time in Money Mayweather, Conor McGregor is listed as a generous (+406) or just above a 4 to 1 betting underdog.

Very generous odds indeed for someone who has never officially competed within the squared circle under the unified rules of boxing. So a heavy gambler could win $40,600.00 should he or she decide to wager a cool 10 large on the Irish rockstar.

But what's most remarkable is how the "prop" bets for this event have ostensibly captured the imagination of the sports betting world.

A "proposition wager", or what's generally referred to as a prop bet, is defined as a bet made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence during an event not directly affecting said event's final outcome. In other words, fun variables within the game, set, match, or in this case, scheduled twelve round prizefight.

Here's a list of some of the more popular "Prop" betting lines:

Will Conor McGregor throw a kick in the match?
YES = +700
NO = -2000

Because of the MMA superstar's ultimate fighting background, many are wondering if McGregor will attempt to kick Mayweather at anytime during the scheduled twelve round fight out of frustration? A solid roundhouse could result in some big, big money!

How many PPV purchases will "Mayweather vs. McGregor" have?
OVER 4.99 million = - 260
UNDER 4.99 million = +180

Not huge odds either way, but the under could be some easy money with the entire boxing community sitting this one out.

Mayweather vs McGregor

Date: Saturday, August 26
Venue: T-Mobile Arena
Location: Las Vegas
Broadcast: PPV

Division: Jr Middleweight (154 lb limit)
Titles: None

Will Conor McGregor land an elbow to Floyd Mayweather's head?

YES = +800
NO = -1600

With thrown and landed elbows already occurring in prizefights that don't include a customary MMA fighter, an affirmative could be the safest bet of all!

Will either corner throw in the towel?

YES = +335
NO = -585

Yes, this literally means that a member of either fighter's corner would have to throw a towel in the ring to stop the fight for an affirmative wager to payout.

Will either fighter be warned for a low blow?
YES = +140
NO = -190

Easy Money, depending on who eventually gets the appointment of third man in the ring. If veteran ref and Mayweather favorite Kenny Bayless gets the nod, the wager could turn into a small, but easy payday.

Will either fighter have a point deducted?
YES = +210
NO = -320

Once again, this wager will be greatly affected by who eventually gets the assignment of referee in charge of the action by the NSAC.

Will McGregor do the "Billionaire Strut" during his walkout to the ring?
YES = -270
NO = +200

In easily the most ridiculous betting category, gamblers are asked to place action on whether or not Conor will replicate WWE CEO Vince McMahon's ascent to the squared circle, in which the polarizing character is shown gyrating while marching to the ring.

Will Mayweather and McGregor touch gloves?
YES = -220
NO = +175

Hard wager to call...my money would be on a big fat "NEGATORY"!!

Will either fighter test positive for performance enhancing drugs?
YES = +550
NO = -7100

Because neither man has ever tested positive for a banned substance either before or after a match, an affirmative wager is highly unlikely.

Will the fight take place on August 26?
YES = -1500
NO = +800

With potentially a billion gross dollars to be shared by all parties involved, the safe bet would be not to wager on this category. Expect either man to be more than willing to fight through any injury for one night.

Most Tweets in month of August?
Mayweather = +130
McGregor = -160

The winner of most absurd category!!

Who will President Donald Trump pick to win?

Mayweather = -600
McGregor = +400

I stand corrected. Surprisingly enough, the current Prez is a huge boxing fan and was host to the very brief Tyson/Spinks superfight in Atlantic City. The Don is very familiar with the sport of boxing.

The Mayweather/McGregor mega-exhibition is slated to take place on Saturday, August 26, at the T-Mobile Arena in "Lost Wages", Nevada, and will be presented by Showtime PPV with a start time of 9PM ET.


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