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Mayweather vs McGregor number of punches landed: Deceptive!

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Following UFC star Conor McGregor's loss to boxing legend Floyd Mayweather last night, in what was little more than an "exhibition" or glorified sparring session, many are praising Conor for his (presumed) gallant effort.

In fact, some are pointing to the punchstats to defend their point.

McGregor landed 111 punches on Floyd, almost as most as much as Canelo Alvarez did in his bout with Floyd in 2013. Moreover, Conor landed 30 more shots on Mayweather than Manny Pacquiao did in their 2015 superfight.

Power punches landed: Floyd outlanded Conor 152 to 84 in power punches (or non jabs), connecting at a rate of 58 percent to McGregor's 25 percent.

Overall punches landed: In all, Conor landed 111 of 430 shots thrown (26%) while Floyd connected on 170 of 320 punches (53%).

Yes, some are comparing McGregor to Manny, now, and insist Conor’s performance is some sort of victory.

For starters, is was very obvious to anyone who knows boxing that Mayweather carried McGregor unith the ninth round and, at no point, was concerned about McGregor's punching power.

Why be defensive if you don't have to?

In fact, the usually elusive Mayweather was a plodder last night, walking McGregor down without concern for the UFC star's return fire.

After Floyd arguably gave away the first three rounds, he went back to his corner smiling and offering high-fives... Not exactly the concern he had early in his first bout with Marcos Maidana - a legitimate, threatening opponent who opened an early lead on Floyd a few years back.

FACT: Floyd Mayweather could have taken out Conor McGregor whenever he wanted. Once he put his foot on the gas in Round 9, the fight was over.

After the fight, UFC star Nate Diaz, who submitted McGregor at UFC 196, insisted, "Mayweather wasn't even trying."

Perhaps he's one of the few UFC fans who know a little about boxing or wasn't watching the fight with blinders?

Floyd Mayweather said he wanted to give the fans a show and he did just that. And to his credit, no one is complaining about getting ripped off.

It was a "fun" night and Conor showed some grit but let's keep things in perceptive. Floyd's 'walk in the park' last night with Conor McGregor cannot be compared to any of Floyd's 49 previous fights, especially elite opponents like Manny Pacquiao and Canelo Alvarez.

Should McGregor face Alvarez or Gennady Golovkin or any half decent pro boxer, he'd be in for a rude awakening.

In the end, Floyd did it his way. He chose to give fans their money's worth... And no one complained.

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