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Mayweather vs McGregor: Can Conor compete with Floyd in the ring?

Joseph Herron Updated
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Immediately following his big victory over Nate Diaz, which took place this past Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, current UFC Lightweight champion Conor McGregor talked about potential opportunities that might not lie within the boundaries of Mixed Martial Arts.

"I've got to talk (to the new owners, which include WME-IMG, and investment firms Silver Lake, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Michael S. Dell)," stated the popular Irish, UFC striker, as reported by BoxingScene.com. "I've upset Lorenzo and Dana White there. I know it was Lorenzo's last day a few days ago. I was expecting Lorenzo and his family to come (to UFC 202) for me. And I'm speaking to the new people now, so I don't know. I've got to talk about what's next."

(Image courtesy of Sherdog)

"There are a lot of options, and some might not be this sport. So we'll see."

If the UFC cash cow was hinting at a possible boxing match with Floyd "Money" Mayweather during his post-fight commentary, he should seriously reconsider competing in a big money spectacle opposite Floyd Jr., unless he's viewing the lucrative PPV mismatch as his "Golden Parachute" into retirement.

Although many of the UFC faithful are currently high on the stand-up, striking style of McGregor and his latest effort in the octagon, a boxing match with the greatest defensive prizefighter of the modern era would be a colossal wipe-out in favor of boxing's bad boy, Floyd Joy Sinclair Mayweather Jr.

After witnessing the Popular Irish fighter going "life or death" with a tough and durable, but extremely limited boxer/puncher like Nate Diaz on Saturday night, the evidence seems to be overwhelmingly against Conor McGregor.

When analyzing the style match-up as well as the drastic difference in levels, the UFC superstar seems to be somewhat of a counter puncher who depends on timing his opponents' offensive attack. McGregor has absolutely zero chance of successfully timing Floyd Mayweather Jr. from mid to long range.

With Money May's ability to keep his opponents at awkward angles while peppering them with one or two punches at a time, it's virtually impossible for most world class boxer/punchers to counter the boxing icon effectively. Now try to imagine someone who doesn't possess a mastery of "the sweet science" attempt to use this dubious strategy against a fighter with the best reflexes in the entire sporting world. It would be embarrassing for any proponent of MMA or UFC.

The only fighters who have enjoyed a mild amount of success against Mayweather in the squared circle, have been effective pressure fighters who can efficiently cut off Floyd's reaction time by cutting off the ring and quickly closing the distance. Conor doesn't possess the footwork, athleticism or skill set to successfully trap the soon to be 40 year old prizefighter in a corner or against the ropes long enough to mount an effective offensive attack.

Even a version of Mayweather who is ostensibly well past his prime would conceivably "wipe up the floor" with McGregor in a boxing match.

If Conor values his current popularity and hopes to maintain his strong market value among the UFC audience, which is substantial, he should stay far away from the living boxing legend.

Be smart, Conor...stick to what you're good at. Boxing isn't it.


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